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This Instagram Makes Stunning Tutorials On Frosting Cupcakes

Enjoy these six gorgeous designs we’re creating with our #wiltoncakes #tip1g and their amazing #wiltoncakedecorating tutorials!

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We’ve met many casual bakers over the years, and take it from us, frosting a cupcake can be far from a cakewalk. Cringe-worthy puns aside, knowing how to properly frost baked goods can take some practice. Luckily, there are dope people out there who are willing to lend a hand to anyone interested in the process.

The Instagram page of Royal Icing Baking Supply Co. features many mini tutorials on how to ice a cupcake, reports Design Taxi. Not just the standard swirl, if that’s what your’e expecting, but elegant patterns and piping techniques that will sure to impress anyone sampling your baked goods.

Any aspiring bakers looking for some fun and creative techniques to practice with, make sure to take a look at their page. 

One of our favorite #bakingtools from @wiltoncakes is our #leaftip. #somanypossibilities within this #wiltoncakedecorating tutorial!

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This Stay at Home Mom Creates The Most Adorable Bentos You Ever Did See


We wish our mom was this cool. Singapore based stay-at-home mother, Li Ming, has been whipping up charabens, or character bentos, since 2011. She started packing these adorable lunches as a way to cheer up her older son when he started elementary school. Cue the “awws”.

Ming draws her lunch inspiration from video games, books, and even movies. Besides character bentos, she also makes character based dishes such as Totoro Cream Puffs, Bear Pizza, or even the Spam Pig Pita as seen below.

Almost to adorable to nom on, these insanely darling dishes can be made at home with Ming’s tutorials found on her website, Bento Monsters. Peep more of Ming’s cute creations below.



H/T Laughing Squid + PicThx Bento Monsters


How to Turn Beer Bottles into Glass Cups


If you’re just out of college and living on your own, you might find yourself in a predicament that could drive you slowly insane. Should you be spending your money on responsible adult things like cups? Or should you spend all your money on beer? Well, what if I told you don’t you have to choose any more? Thanks to this handy guide, you can turn your glass beer bottles into all the cups you’ll ever need.

Check out the quick breakdown and video tutorial below:

Step 1: Noose It

Tie a string around the bottle you wish to turn into a cup. Make sure the bottle is thick and made of glass.

Step 2: Gas It 

Once the string is tied and knotted, take it off the bottle and soak it in lighter fluid.

Step 3: Burn It

After reapplying the string to the bottle, turn the bottle horizontally and light it on fire while turning the bottle slowly. This is to make sure the flame has an even distribution around the bottle.

Step 4: Wash it

After a few seconds you should start to hear it cracking, when this happens pour cold water onto the bottle and watch as the top falls off.

Step 5: Sand it

Once the top of the bottle has fallen off, you’ll want to use sandpaper and smooth that bottle out.

Step 6: Enjoy It

And there you go. Your broke self now has a way to officially get around buying cups.


Inception ‘Dog in a Dog’ is Almost Too Adorable to Eat, Almost [WATCH]


Fancy a “Dog in a Dog”? This quirky recipe is exactly what it sounds like: a hot dog encased in a shell that looks like a dog. The quick tutorial below shows you how to fold dough over a hot dog, the precise amount of time it needs to bake in the oven to maximize cuteness, and the finishing touches to put on this adorable little sucker.

“It would make the perfect afterschool snack,”  the caption under the video states and I totally agree. This is an awesome (see: delicious) way to enjoy a hot dog.


How To Not F**K Up Flipping Pancakes


For those of you who already know the fine arts of flipping (heh heh), we apologize retroactively for the lapse in judgement  and if you may, do stop reading. For those of you who still remain clueless on the finer skills of pancake making, get ready to have some knowledge dropped.

All too often do unfortunate souls attempt to flip an omelette or pancake, only to have it spasm midway in the air and fall into a miserable crumpled mess. Luckily, the ladies and gentlemen here at Foodbeast are fond of such how-to epiphanies as How To Eat a Cupcake and How To Sip a Soda. We recently bumped into this delightful How To Flip Food tutorial along our musings on the internet and decided it would behoove us to share it with the foodie world. If you’re tired of our pedantic ranting and would rather watch Cheetos fly in the air, watch the tutorial below:

Photo Courtesy of Doobybrain