Someone Recreated The Nasty Patty From ‘Spongebob’ And It Went Viral

Fans of SpongeBob Squarepants may remember the first appearance of the Nasty Patty, a disgusting burger designed by the titular SpongeBob and his boss Mr. Krabs to fend off a fake health inspector trying to score free food. A creative individual decided to turn the grotesque menu item into a real-life burger, complete with the same visually nauseating aesthetic.

SpongeBob fan Danny Jay Do posted on his Facebook a side-by-side shot of his Nasty Patty. Do made a turkey burger he crusted in pea snap crumbs and topped it with a goat cheese and garlic aioli, a pea turkey gravy, Swiss chard veins and leaves, and sandwiched everything in between cranberry brioche buns baked by his sister.

Definitely a far cry from the original set of ingredients: Volcano sauce, seahorse radish, toenail clippings and fried with old gym socks.

Posted last Friday, the image went viral, garnering more than a thousand reshares through the platform. Do even went as far as shouting out viral YouTube pop culture chef Binging with Babish hoping the creator would have eyes on the sandwich.

Fingers crossed, my friend. Wonder if this talented young man has any other burger creations in the books?

Feature Image Courtesy of @DannyDoIt

Herbed Turkey Burgers With Goat Cheese and Cranberry Sauce

turkey slider croppedRecipe: Hungry Girl Por Vida


Fast Food

Burger King Lightens Up & Adds Turkey Burger to Limited-Time Spring Menu

Turkey Burger

Not to be out done by its fast food competitors, Burger King is the latest chain to jump on the “healthy alternatives” bandwagon.

Burger King is launching their new Turkey Burger for $3.99 as part of their limited-time Spring menu. Though this sandwich touts a “better for you” attitude, in reality, this burger is only 100 calories lighter than its big brother, The Whopper. A Veggie Burger option already exists on the menu but Burger King decided to add a new one with red onions, just to shake things up a bit.

If you’re looking for less “good-for-your-heart” and more “good-for-your-soul” choices, BK is adding Loaded Tater Tots stuffed with bacon and cheese, which would probably pair nicely with their new Bacon Cheddar Stuffed Burger. Or perhaps you’re looking for something sweeter like some Donut Holes or a Pina Colada Smoothie? Healthy schemthy.

Burger King’s new menu is set to roll out this week.

H/T + PicThx Zagat


Sushi Turkey, S’more Turkey & More Turkey Incarnations


What began as innocuous turkey-jello mold, quickly grew into a full-blown tradition at Danielle Spencer’s yearly Thanksgiving office parties. From dainty sushi turkeys to eerie moon crater turkeys to refulgent gilded turkeys, her coworkers brought the best and most questionable creations.

Here are our favorites below, to see more check out Danielle Spencer’s artist page.

S’more Turkey Please!



Peep Turkey, I See You!



Would You Like Fries With That Turkey?



“Help, I’m Trapped in a Sea of Turkey!” said Nemo.


via Danielle Spencer

Fast Food

Carl’s Jr. Expands Turkey Burger Line with New Sante Fe Flavor

In an effort to expand Carl’s Jr.‘s popular line of Charbroiled Turkey Burgers, the chain has launched their first addition since the line’s inception earlier this year — The Sante Fe Turkey Burger. The new option features a charbroiled Turkey Burger patty, Sante fe sauce, pepper-Jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion and sliced green chili, all served on a toasted, honey wheat bun.

The draw, apart from the flavors, is that the burger packs it in for under 500 calories (490 calories to be exact). So for those of you counting those calories, need not worry.

Served ala carte for $3.49 or ordered as a combo meal with fries and a drink for $5.99. Prices may vary from location to location, and is available at most Carl’s Jr. locations in California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho and Oregon.

The new burger joins the likes of the original Charbroiled Turkey Burger, Teriyaki Turkey Burger, and Guacamole Turkey Burger.

How’s everyone feel about this new option, does it make you hungry?




Carl’s Jr. Enchilada Turkey Burger

During a recent late night coding binge, Rudy and I decided that we would attempt to benefit from the fusion of the local Green Burrito + Carl’s Jr. joint unit a few streets down from the office. With the launch of the chain’s new Guacamole Turkey Burgers, Rudy figured it could use a deeper level of flavors by topping it with a layer of Chicken & Cheese Enchiladas and a sprinkle of jalapeños from the salsa bar.

So much for the health aspect once promised by the under-500 calorie Turkey Burger menu. The result of our efforts? An unofficial Enchilada Turkey Burger. Here’s a look at the 1,000 calorie process:

Fast Food

Carl’s Jr. Switches Gears With a Line of Healthy Turkey Burgers

A few days ago we confirmed Hardee’s launch of a line of healthier, low-calorie Turkey Burgers and now we are privy to the varieties being offered up at Carl’s Jr. locations. While Carl’s Jr. has spent a considerable amount of time catering to a hungry, manly demographic, they’ve ultimately switched gears with this line of healthier options. The burgers, similar to those available at their sister brand Hardee’s, will be available on toasted wheat buns with all three available options clocking in under 500 calories.


Craving: Turkey Burger + Smoked Gouda + Grilled Onions


This brings me back to the summer days as a youth when my mom would drop me off at Marc’s place to go swimming with the rest of the homies. Hours into our play (no homo), his mother would bring us out an array of burgers and turkey burgers that seemed absolutely perfect on that hot day after many hours of swimming.  Now, someone brought to my attention this awesome turkey burger with smoked gouda and grilled onions. I’m starving! (PicThx @foodporn)