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Pringles Just Made A Turducken In Chip Form

The Turducken is a Louisiana holiday staple that combines a turkey, duck and chicken all stuffed within each other. Not to be confused with PETA’s Tofucken, the Turducken really caught on nationally around the late 90’s, and is arguably the original shocking food mashup.

Well, Pringles is taking a cue from the monstrous bird with its Friendsgiving Feast Turducken pack, available November 7 for $15.99.

The pack includes six different flavors, including the turkey, duck and chicken, along with a stuffing flavor, pumpkin pie, and cranberry sauce, for a complete meal in chip form.


While you don’t get the flavors of all three birds in one chip, you can take one of each flavor and stack them together for a bite that has all three seasonings swimming in your mouth at once.

Getting a chance to try the new holiday pack, we can confirm that each chip has its own distinct taste. The turkey flavored chip has a pretty strong gravy-like taste to it. The duck flavor is a little hard to sort out, though it does taste like a particular meat seasoning, but the chicken does taste like it has some chicken seasoning to it.

These make for a cute gift, or if you’re spending Thanksgiving alone, it’s a pretty easy way to enjoy a whole meal in one sitting.

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This Foul-Mouthed Granny Chef Could Give Gordon Ramsay A Run For His Money

If you’re a fan of over-the-top personas who curse in the kitchen, *cough cough, Gordon Ramsay* then you’ll love Peggy Glenn‘s recipe video.

The foul-mouthed granny has a YouTube channel, aptly called “Granny Potty Mouth” and curses her way through topics such as politics, food, and even dating.

In her latest video, she curses up a storm while giving a vegan turducken recipe, which she calls the “Tofucken.”

Within the first 10 seconds of the video, she hits you with the “Tofucken” reference and your first thought is probably, “WTF did this old lady just say!”

Then she follows it up by saying a Turducken is, “Probably the grossest shit I’ve ever heard of, usually eaten by simple douchebags.”

At this point, your jaw drops and you don’t even know what she’s trying to cook, because you’re just waiting to see what else she’s going to say. But there actually is a recipe in there,  we promise. It’s a vegan recipe, but still a recipe, nonetheless.

Also, we didn’t know until the end that the video is sponsored by PETA, which explains why she went on a vegan rant, but despite the icky PETA co-sign, it’s still a funny video.


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This Massive Pie Cake Is The ‘Turducken’ Of Desserts


Thanksgiving is still months away, but that doesn’t mean we can’t draw inspiration from the Frankenstein dish known as the Turducken. A bakery in Texas has created the dessert equivalent: the Pumpecapple Piecake.

Three Brothers Bakery, known for scratch-made baked goods and desserts, created a Pumpecapple Piecake that’s as hard to devour as it is to pronounce. The three-layer dessert cake features a pumpkin pie baked into a pumpkin spice cake, an apple pie baked into a spice cake and a pecan pie baked into a chocolate cake. The individual pie-cake layers are stacked on top of each other and smothered with a cream cheese icing, pecan pieces, and a caramel drizzle. It’s a total dessert-ception.

The behemoth stands at 11 inches and weighs 23.5 pounds.

You can buy a Pumpecapple Piecake at Three Brothers’ online store for $250. Definitely something for the family to enjoy after tackling the Turducken, or to enjoy by yourself if you’re just having a bad day.


Irish People Try Weird American Food Inventions For The First Time

America has produced some crazy food creations over the years. We can boast the Cronut, the Corn Beef Hash Breakfast Pizza and even the Bacon-wrapped Pizza Balls. The folks over at Facts. had some Irish folks try some of these crazy American food inventions for the first time.

The foods included: Pizza burgers, corn dogs, Turducken, Cronuts and the Doughnurger (doughnut hamburger).

Check out their reactions as they try these innovative dishes for the first time. We’d actually love to see a video of some of them trying some of the crazy stuff our Foodbeast family has made.

Also, that was pretty much our reaction to the Turducken.

Video: Facts.


This Restaurant Just Stuffed Sausages With A TURDUCKEN For The Holidays

turducken dog

Before Frankenfoods became an everyday thing and everything was bacon-stuffed, there was the Turducken. The classic dish consisted of a turkey, duck and chicken harmoniously stuffed together in one being.

California-based hot dog dealers, Dog Haus, have taken that concept and made a pretty fowl hot dog out of it.

The sausage is like a Thanksgiving miracle, made with turkey, chicken, duck, fresh herbs, whiskey soaked cranberries and yams. Then the sausage is topped with sage gravy, a Brussels sprouts & bacon slaw, and crispy onions, all inside a classic King’s Hawaiian hot dog bun.

The Turducken will only be around throughout the month of November and will be available at every one of Dog Haus’ locations throughout California, Arizona and Colorado.

John Madden would certainly be proud.


11 Insane Thanksgiving-Inspired Sandwiches, Tacos and More


Thanksgiving is upon us and we just can’t wait to fill our gluttonous little hearts with turkey and stuffing.

Apparently some people really, really couldn’t wait for the big turkey day, as they’ve put together some crazy Thanksgiving dinner-inspired sandwiches, wraps and even tacos.

Sure, all it takes is some turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce to make most of these, but that doesn’t make them look any less mouth-watering.

Check out all these beautiful creations for yourself and get yourself ready for the big dance this Thursday.


Thanksgiving Burg-Rehab Burger Therapy


Rehab Burger Therapy in Scottsdale, AZ, made this crazy looking turkey burger with brie, caramelized apples, cornbread stuffing and cranberry sauce.

Thanksgiving Poutine-The Kroft


The Kroft in Anaheim, CA, throws down some crazy poutine, and for the holidays they’ve made a poutine with chunks of roasted turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing and turkey gravy on top of fries and curds.

Thanksgiving Holiday Turkey-The Kroft


The Kroft’s other holiday offering is a sandwich consisting of roasted turkey breast, stuffing, and cranberry sauce and gravy, between a ciabatta roll.

Turducken Burger-Burger 21


Burger 21 has created a turducken burger consisting of a turkey burger stuffed with rosemary chicken inside of a duck. It’s topped with melted Brie and a cherry, cranberry and red apple chutney.

Thanksgiving Burger-Slater’s 50/50


Slater’s 50/50 is a burger favorite in Southern California and of course, their burger of the month was smothered with stuffing and cranberry sauce.


Thanksgiving Tacos-El Ray

turkey tacos
El Rey Tacos in Washington, DC, has taken this Thanksgiving-inspired food thing to another level with these tacos. It’s the same turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and gravy we’ve seen in most of these items, but this time it’s in taco form.

Cranberry and Turkey Wrap-L.A. Cafe and Java


Not everything on this list has to be artery-clogging, here’s a vegetarian-friendly turkey and cranberry sauce wrap from L.A. Cafe and Java in Waterford, MI.

Thanksgiving Wrap-Lenny’s


Here’s another wrap, this one, however, has no leafy greens inside.


La Maison du Croque Monsieur-New York


With their own fancy version of a Thanksgiving sandwich, La Maison du Croque Monsieur had this turkey, cranberry sauce and stuffing sandwich.


The Bobbie-Capriotti’s


This Thanksgiving-inspired sandwich is a regular menu item at Capriotti’s, so you can enjoy the holiday flavor year round.


Homemade Moistmaker-SpoonForkBacon


This is a good ol’ fashioned Moistmaker sandwich. Nothing fancy, no major chain or restaurant, just a really nice Thanksgiving sandwich from SpoonForkBacon. She provides a recipe, but I mean, there’s not much to it. Just throw in all your Thanksgiving leftovers.


Veggieducken – The Vegetarian Answer to Thanksgiving Excess

It’s a pretty good time to be a vegetarian. Modern food engineering has brought a simulated soy version of just about anything. Even an avowed carnivore like myself can’t get help but get excited for Beyond Meat – supposedly a very convincing faux chicken – to go national. But Thanksgiving must be a bummer for this set. Without a huge centerpiece of flesh at the table rising like a king above the side dishes, is it really Thanksgiving? Just eating side dishes for dinner doesn’t exactly sound mom-approved either.

It’s probably going to take awhile for the labs to work up fake meat to the point of simulating a large, festive bird. Thanksgiving is all about symbols anyway. So if you’re a vegetarian looking for a large, gleaming something to pull your table together next Thursday and pay tribute to “abundance” – aka “thank god the Native Americans bailed the Puritans out. . .whatever happened to them anyway?” – may I recommend the Veggieducken?

Not to fear, it doesn’t have duck or chicken as the name might imply. This moniker is simply an homage to the meta-beast that is the turducken. The Veggieducken takes a novel approach, transforming small Thanksgiving side staples squash, sweet potatoes, and stuffing into a creative veggie-fueled take on the classic roast.

ia Cooking Channel


Craving: Turbaconducken (Turducken Wrapped in Bacon)

This behemoth is known as a Turbaconducken. It is a chicken stuffed in a duck in a turkey, all underneath five pounds of bacon! I gave up meat for lent this year and would love to break the fasting with this Turbaconducken! (Thx SSM)