The Leviathan aka The Face Melt aka The Shark Boy

Leviathan burger

Classic Patty Melt slathered with Beer-Soaked Onions, Swiss & American Cheese, Sandwiched with Tuna Melt Buns On Marble Rye

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This Music Video is the Best Lead-Up to a Tuna Melt on the Internet

Tuna Melt Video

Alain Macklovitch, more widely known as DJ A-Trak, is a man of many talents. In a collaboration with fellow artist Tommy Trash, A-Trak created a video about a sandwich that’s not only catchy, it’s pretty damn whimsical.

Titled Tuna Melt, the video uses the concept of a Rube Goldberg machine, and takes us through an entire house decked with complicated devices leading up to the final reveal. Pretty impressed with all the detail that went into this video, though I cringe thinking how long it would have taken to set up if a shot needed to be redone.

Check it out below while I go find me a Tuna Melt.


Squirrel Melts: ‘You Must Try Them’

It’s really hard to tell if this is a total joke or if this lady is dead serious. Maybe this was aired on some independent channel, or I’m just really gullible. Either way, it may seem gross, but for some reason I would definitely try a squirrel melt. Especially if she toasted that thing up on an English muffin. Would you?