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Loving Wife Sends Husband Popeyes Through Capsule Pipeline For Lunch

In a lifetime, you find that timeless love. You know, the one that syncs up perfectly with your quirks to form this Megazord adults like to call a healthy relationship.

Such a love was revealed by Popeyes to warm the chilly hearts of Facebook in an awesome video from a woman named Colleen Loria, who posted footage of her sending her husband some lunch.

First of all, anyone who gets their significant other fried chicken for lunch should be commended in our book, but this lady got creative.

In Loria’s post, she mentions that her husband works at a bank. Being in New Orleans, she states it’s too cold to get out of the car and walk up to his office. What’s she to do faced with such a dilemna? She sends his lunch through a capsule pipeline or pneumatic tube, of course.

Pneumatic tubes were designed for the transportation of small, urgent, items such as paperwork or money through the assistance of compressed air at places like banks or other businesses that require a high volume of paperwork. Tubes, like the one shown, were likely placed outside so couriers wouldn’t have to go through an entire campus as long as they knew where the tubes needed to be sent. Those tubes also work for sending Popeyes, it seems.

As someone who is recently engaged, this is goals.