Here’s How To Make Sriracha Beer


The Cocky Rooster was formulated by Tuan Bui, owner of An Choi — what GQ claims to be  “the best banh mi spot on N.Y.C.’s Lower East Side.” It happened one night when Bui was sipping on a classic Mexican michelada. As he pondered the delicate depths of drinking, the most marvelous of inspirations struck him. Why not swap the Tabasco and Worcestershire sauce that gives the traditional drink its kick, with the robust flavors of Sriracha?

Thus Sriracha beer, aka “The Cocky Rooster,” was born. The revamped version boasts a heartier, punchier hotness that leaves you salivating for more of the addicting Sriracha flavor. The recipe also calls for a few slices of  jalapeño, so tread carefully. You might have to cool down and complement the beer with a Sriracha Ice Cream Sandwich.

Try out the recipe here.


Photo Courtesy of The Sriracha Cookbook Blog/Via GQ