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There’s A Brick of Mac and Cheese Inside This Burger

Spotted by @unlokt out in Las Vegas, Nevada is this Mac N Cheese Patty Burger from Truffles N Bacon Cafe that has my eyes as wide as my stomach after seeing the amount of Mac N Cheese it boasts.

Stuffed inside this burger is a whole brick of mac n cheese and I for one am not mad at the insane portion of it. This cheesy behemoth features baked mac n cheese, a 1/2 lb Angus patty, bacon jam, and Sriracha mayo. Truly I typed all that out with my eyes closed while imagining myself swan diving face first into this beastly burger.

The Mac N Cheese Patty Burger is one of the original burgers at Truffles N Bacon Cafe, so trust it’ll be on the menu the next time you’re in Sin City and feel like treating yourself.