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Truff Finally Creates Their Own TRUFFLE OIL

For years, I’ve been indulging in Truff’s famous truffle-infused hot sauce, and more recently, their truffle-infused mayo. For a while now, I’ve wondered: “When are they gonna just make their truffle oil?”

It looks like that wait is finally over.

Truff has announced their latest entry into the Truff line: Truffle Oil. The new Truffle Oil is a blend of real black winter truffles and olive oil.

Like with many of Truff’s products, you can add the new truffle oil to a bevy of foods and dishes to give it that truffle-infused kick of decadence.

Truff’s new truffle oil will only be available through and distributed on Amazon, Whole Foods Market, Shaw’s, Giant, Sprouts, and World Market locations in the next couple of months.

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8 Ways to Make Life Better With Truffle Oil

Listen, you don’t have time to wander the woods and pick truffles. That’s why you should be using truffle oil like today’s your last day on Earth. You want to rock hell as a class act, like the modern gent or lady you know yourself to be, but truffles are expensive.

While you may appreciate the radical flavor, you’re not ready to drop sizable dough. That’s why people buy truffle oil all the time, but then, for some reason, wonder what the heck to do with it. That should not be you. Hell no, you should be ready with truffle oil in hand and a few uses already in your head, properly poised to conquer cuisine with a few notable (and killer) tricks, which are basically life hacks. Here are a few immediate go-tos to blow minds with truffle oil.

Drizzle truffle oil on pizza, fries, pasta, risotto, or mac and cheese.


Photo: Everyday Occasions

If it’s starchy, you can make it better with truffle oil. The flavor kicks everything up, like, 100 notches. You’ll go from free-time chef to local legend. Make it a habit and you’ll get bumped up to demigod.

Make a truffle oil vinaigrette.


Photo: Food Network

Get classy with truffle oil by stirring up trouble with olive oil, dijon mustard, and vinegar. Add salt and pepper for sassiness, accordingly. Surprise attack your dinner party guests’ tastebuds with it to become the talk of the town.

Do up egg dishes with truffle oil.


Photo: Banana Wonder

Sure, a hefty portion of your kitchen intellect begs you to use actual truffles with omelets and scrambled eggs, but you’re not made of money. In fact, nobody’s made of money. That phrase doesn’t even make sense. Just use truffle oil and the only one that’ll notice a difference is your wallet.

Make everyone flip out over vegetables.


Photo: Let’s Cook Some Food

Unless you’re in the company of some wildly healthy folk, vegetables are sides. But they don’t have to be, and certainly shouldn’t be if you plan to live forever. Put them center stage and look/feel the best you ever have by treating vegetables divine with truffle oil. Grill ‘em all up – cauliflower, corn, squash, yams, asparagus. It’s time to really live.

Dropkick truffle oil on some snacks.


Photo: The Hungry Winos

You don’t have to go buck-wild here, but when has that ever hurt? Class up your popcorn or potato chips with drops of truffle oil and stun – or straight up blow minds with a bit more than that. I bet hot sauce wouldn’t hurt along side too. Seriously, just go for it.

Make mushrooms and truffles better with truffle oil.


Photo: SORTEDfood

Anything based in mushrooms, from soup to polenta, can be totally bettered by truffle oil. You know what else can be strengthened with truffle oil? Truffles. Whether Summer or Burgundy, them mild outings, can freak on flavor if you oil them up so they’re like a high-flyin’ winter truffle.

Up your beauty regime with oil-infused skin care.


Photo: Populayer

You don’t have to solely commit to consuming truffle oil. Why not share the love with your skin? “Beauty truffles” (Tuber melanosporum) contain stress-relieving properties and antioxidants that help plump and smooth the complexion, so the oil’s extract can be used naturally in skin lotions, creams, serums, and even hair products, too.

Anything you’d use olive oil for, sub for truffle oil.


Photo: Vom Fass

Truffle oil is essentially olive oil with added organic compounds like 2,4-Dithiapentane. The difference between the two coils comes from the smell, taste, and purpose (truffle oil is usually intended for finishing dishes rather than for cooking them). By logic, this means you can totally hack truffle oil for removing makeup or dirt, fixing a squeaky hinge, greasing up a stuck zipper, and more, like you could with olive oil.