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Wolf Down Serves Up One of a Kind Truffle Döner

Turkish Döner is Germany’s #1 street food and for those unfamiliar, there’s a good reason why: imagine savory and juicy seasoned meat shaved from rotating skewers and served on rice or flatbread. The thought would make any foodie’s mouth flooded.

Wolf Down, a fast casual spot with multiple locations in Las Vegas and Canada specializing in döner, is taking the beloved street food to new levels with the release of their Truffle Döner.

This new menu item debuted at the top of the year and features Wolf Down’s signature döner drizzled with their black truffle secret sauce. The delicacy of döner certainly gets more delectable with this deliciously bougie rendition.

Truffle Döner is a limited time only item, so act fast and head to Wolf Down locations in Las Vegas and Ottawa to treat your tastebuds.