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Buffalo Wild Wings Adds White Truffle Buffalo Sauce To Its Lineup

Photos courtesy of Buffalo Wild Wings and luri // Shutterstock.

The combination of earthy, rich truffle and hot sauce has become popular in recent years. Sauce maker TRUFF got the flavor train started with its sleek bottles and craveable flavor combo. Trader Joe’s later followed suit with its own version.

Buffalo Wild Wings is now joining the party with its own spicy truffle concoction, combining white truffles and buffalo sauce to make “Truffalo,” its newest hot sauce flavor.

The wing chain claims to be making the sauce with real white truffles, but otherwise, they are using the same buffalo wing sauce that it’s known for. Adding white truffle into the name and flavor mix, however, adds a hit of bougie to the mix, considering how expensive the real stuff can get (over $2000 per pound in some cases).

Ordering the wings is definitely a status play move, but it also adds some serious flavor. Considering how rare truffles are, a major chain like Buffalo Wild Wings incorporating them into the menu is huge, and could be a sign of things to come as the truffle hot sauce craze continues.

Buffalo Wild Wings’ new flavor is available for a limited time, and, since it is using truffles, comes at a slight upcharge of $1 for any order the sauce is in.