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Watch The Surprising Way How Seedless Watermelons Are Grown

Summer is in full force and we’re looking for any sort of way to cool ourselves down. This includes slicing up some juicy seedless watermelon. As you sink your teeth into the cool, refreshing fruit, have you ever wondered how a watermelon without those pesky black seeds is achieved?

True Foods created a video that explains exactly how one gets a watermelon completely free of pesky seeds thanks to a naturally occurring chemical called colchicine. While toxic in high doses, small amounts can create something quite magical.

What colchicine does is interfere with normal cell division. When colchicine is applied to watermelon seeds or directly to the plant itself, twice the amount of chromosomes will appear in the female flowers. Once fertilized with pollen from a normal flower plant, you get seedless watermelons.

Check out True Food’s video for a detailed explanation of the science behind seedless watermelons.