Twitter Had A Field Day With The Deli Meat Truck That Crashed Into The Bread Truck


Bread and deli meat were spewed across several lanes of a New Jersey Freeway Friday morning after two delivery trucks collided. The crash resulted in a pile up of deli meat and hamburger buns, which scattered across the freeway in the accident, covering all but one southbound lane.

The collision caused backups for several miles, spanning multiple exits. The accident on Interstate 287’s Southbound Lanes occurred just before 6am. First responders on the scene cleaned up the sandwich ingredients. Most of the cleanup was contained by 7:30am.

The irony of the crash was not lost to the many Twitter users who took full advantage of the delicious collision.

Even T-Mobile’s CEO took part in the fun.

No one was injured, but somewhere sandwich lovers may be going without some key ingredients.


This Food Truck Unapologetically Serves Vegan Fried Chicken


Plant-praising herbivores and meat-minded carnivores alike probably thought this day would never come: VEGAN FRIED CHICKEN EXISTS, and—wait for it—you can acquire it at a local food truck.

‘Local,’ assuming you are lucky enough to reside in northern Virginia. The up-and-coming, Richmond-based Mean Bird RVA is ready to dig its claws into the greater area and beyond in order to share the finest fried chicken around (BOTH traditional and vegan).


Fronted by husband-wife duo Mike and Sarah Moore, Mean Bird offers traditional fried chicken, vegan fried “chicken,” homemade biscuits, seasonal specials, sides and dipping sauces. The Veggie Bird, the truck’s signature vegan fried chicken, is made with fresh vegetables, whole grains, herbs and seasonings

They’ve already found success catering private events despite having only recently taken flight, and have implemented a Kickstarter project to help fund their goal of reaching more neighborhoods.


Basically, they’re saying we have the power to make the dream of a vegan fried chicken food truck a reality.

Well, 2016 is the year for making things happen, and we have until January 12 to help make Mean Bird happen. Bring it on.

For the love of fried chicken, visit the Mean Bird RVA Kickstarter page to donate.


This Dude Stole A Semi Full Of Coors And Ran Himself Over With It


Sometimes, we can’t help but have a bad day. Take this beer thief, for example. In an attempt to steal a trucked loaded with beer, he ran himself over with the very same truck before getting arrested.

Gregory Miller, 56, allegedly entered a parked 18-wheeler Coors Light beer truck and drove off with it, reports The truck had been parked in the lot of a Colorado Circle K where the driver had made a stop early Monday morning. When he returned to the lot, he discovered the truck was missing and quickly called the police.

Eventually, the police caught up with Miller who led them on a chase. With the vehicle still running, Miller leaped from the truck.

Unfortunately for Miller, the moving semi-truck ran over his leg.

Miller was arrested and taken to the hospital where he was treated for a serious wound and a possible broken leg. He’s facing two charges in relation to the incident.

Jumping from a moving beer truck probably sounded cooler in his head.

Photo: Coors


A Doughy Collision Blew The Roof Off This Domino’s Truck


A truck carrying dough headed for various Domino’s restaurants hit an overpass in Indianapolis. The accident caused the the top of the truck and trailer to come right off spilling dough onto the road, Consumerist reports.

While it was incredibly fortunate that no motorists were injured, including the truck driver, Domino’s faced some tragic pizza crust casualties. To think of the potential for all those delicious pizzas we’ll now never get to taste.

Turns out, the driver wasn’t familiar with the area he was driving through and had no idea about the overpass on his route.

It took more than two hours for the pizza dough to be completely cleared from the roads.

Check out the video of the clean up below.

Video + Photo: Associated Press

Fast Food

Panda Express Serves Up ORANGE CHICKEN WAFFLES To Kick Off Food Truck Tour


Panda Express is heading on a special cross-country tour in honor of its love for orange chicken. Using a customized food truck, the chain will be traveling to select cities giving away free samples of their original chicken recipe to fans and patrons.

The Chinese-food inspired fast casual chain will also be offering a limited Orange Chicken and Waffles dish. Now that sounds like something we’d follow a truck around over.

Make sure to get there early though, because only 200 servings will be available.

The event will kick off on August 22 at LA’s Chinatown Summer Nights which starts at 5pm. Aside from giving away food, Panda will also host a variety of activities and cooking competition for fans to enjoy.

The chain will be sporting the hashtag #OrangeChickenLove for the promotion.


Half-Naked Ice Cream Man Arrested For Screaming At Kids, He Was High


The children of Clarence, NY, were met with a chilling surprise when they tried to buy ice cream from a truck last Friday. Parents started calling in complaints when they discovered that their children were getting screamed at by the local ice cream man, reports WIVB. He was also in nothing but his underwear.

That’s gotta be a health violation.

Ryan Duff, 24, was arrested by Erie County Sheriff’s Deputies on Friday. After an investigation, they discovered that the ice cream man was high on drugs. According to officers, Duff had refused to cooperate with testing and they had to bring in a drug recognition expert.

Duff was charged with DWI-drugs and is scheudled back in court Aug. 25. Pretty sure that ice cream gig is long gone.



Truckload of French Fries Crashes Along Highway, Causes Ketchup Puns


A 53-foot tractor trailer rolled over Saturday night in Richmond, Maine, and spilled boxes of french fries all over I-295. The trailer was full of the fries and had to be completely removed before the truck could be towed away.

Charles Ohalloran, the 28-year-old driver of the truck, was distracted by a water bottle, reports WCSH6. He swerved and went off the road, causing the truck to roll over the grass and into the trees paralleling the freeway. The police arrived at the scene just as Ohalloran was climbing out.

Bowdinham and Richmond firefighters responding to the accident had to make an assembly line to remove each 36-pound fry box.

It should be mentioned that a similar accident near the crash site had occurred earlier in the year with a trailer full of potatoes. Maybe someone should just set up a ketchup stand along the freeway. We’re sure they’ll make a killing.

Sorry, we just had to get that ketchup one in.



Sorry Bad Guys…


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