Buzzkill: Health Department Shuts Down the Awesome that is ‘Dumb Starbucks’


After Nathan Fielder, host of Comedy Central’s Nathan for You, revealed himself to be the man behind “Dumb Starbucks,” the Los Angeles County Health Department swiftly shut the faux shop down.

A sign hanging on the window of the Hillhurst Avenue location says that it was “closed for violations”; the department told the LA Times that the parody cafe was shut down for operating without a health permit. Sad news for those who were hoping to get a free Dumb Iced Vanilla Latte.

Previous to being unceremoniously put out of business, Fielder held a cheeky news conference in the parking lot outside the storefront, sporting a green apron with the mock logo. The comedian explained to reporters and curious patrons that capitalizing on Starbuck’s’ household name helped “Dumb Starbucks” take off. However, he warned the actual Starbucks that although he didn’t want to start any “David and Goliath” contentions, if the coffee behemoth pressured him, they’d “risk losing me as a customer.”

Well played, sir.


The Perfect Broncos Troll Cake


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Comedian Bakes iPhone Cookies to Fool Cops While Driving, Plan Hilariously Backfires


Hoping to troll local cops, stand-up comedian Randy Liedtke took advantage of Los Angeles’ no-hand-held-devices policy. The snarky comedian baked up a batch of iPhone-shaped cookies then took a drive around the city, hoping to get pulled over by a cop mistaking his cookie as an actual phone. Naturally, Liedtke documented the entire experience via Twitter and Instagram.

Unfortunately, the situation quickly, er, crumbled




So what did we learn, ladies and gents? The next time you want to troll the cops with delicious sugar cookies, make sure you don’t have a warrant out for your arrest.

Fast Food

Burger King Trolls and Changes Name to ‘Fries King’


Burger King’s little publicity stunt this week has sent the internet into a state of tears, disbelief and utter confusion. After rolling out their new reduced-fat, reduced-calories “Satisfries” back in September and planting giant “Wi-Fries” throughout city streets, the fast food chain made the next push to fully re-brand themselves.

Taking to their social feeds, the company trolled Twitter and Facebook fans worldwide, announcing their name change from “Burger King” to “Fries King.” Unsurprisingly, many fans of the “former” burger joint were appalled:

While others were simply tickled.

Of course, the obligatory threat of friendly arson was made.

While it’s quite clear Burger King’s PR move is all tongue-in-cheek, that hasn’t stopped them from revamping their website’s logo, actual signboards, product packaging and employee uniforms with “Fries King.” The company stated in a release on Thursday that select locations in Los Angeles, Chicago and Miami will operate under “Fries King” for a limited time.

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Strangers Instagramming Other Strangers’ Food is Both Awkward & Hilarious [Video]


You know how it goes. The waiter brings your food to the table and just as you’re about to grab a bite of that decked out poutine, your friend screams, “WAIT!” Their shrill voice stops your hand dead in its tracks. You sigh, sit back and grumpily wait as they frantically Instagram your soon-to-be-cold meal. Except that this isn’t a sole incident. Making others suffer while their food melts under the cruel camera flash is something you have happily done on many occasions as well. We’ve all done it to the point of frustrated normalcy, so there’s a level of understanding when you have to sit through it.

Now, what would you do if say a stranger walked up to you mid-bite and said, “Yo, hold up. Lemme Instagram that fiiiine piece of In-N-Out real quick.” We’re pretty sure it would play out like this:

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This Spray Paint Travel Mug Helps You Channel Your Inner Hood-Troll

So it’s not as clever as blue Gatorade in a Windex bottle or water in a vodka bottle, but this “Canned” Spray Paint Travel Mug is probably still trollish enough to earn you more than a few double takes during your morning commute.

Brought to you by the blokes who made the Condiment Gun, 1-Up Cake and 12-Gauge Shot Glass, “Canned” is insulated, shaped to look like your average aerosol can and can hold approximately 13 ounces of liquid. Unfortunately the website isn’t clear on whether you unscrew the lid to drink or if the spray mechanism actually works, but for £10.00 (or $15.79), feel free to pop some food coloring in your morning brew, spill a sip and watch the madness unfold.

Just make sure your supervisors don’t actually buy it, or “getting ‘canned'” could then mean something else entirely.

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