Video of the Day: Beijing Delicacies

Something quarky and unique about this video. Maybe it’s the eating of things we normally squash with our foot? Maybe it’s them being deep fried? Maybe it’s Brandon (Triumvir) second-guessing everything he eats, not because it may be disgusting, but because his conscious eggs him about the endangered-ness of the creatures he’s devouring? Nothing is off limits…everything from sea horses and centipedes to scorpions and baby dragon flies. Whatever it may be, you be the judge. Eat on!


Foodbeasts of the Week: Triumvir & Franco Shade

Welcome to our first installment of our ongoing feature, “Foodbeast of the Week”. In these weekly write-ups, we will be showcasing your awesome foodbeast adventures and posting them here on the front page for all our hungry readers to see! All you gotta do is take your camera, go grub, and document it (e-mail it to us of course)! Everyone loves food, and everyone has their spot, so all you have to do to get featured is: eat! This week, since we are just launching this feature, we’ll begin by stealing an adventure from some of our favorite local Orange County clothing brands, Triumvir and Franco Shade. Without even asking, these guys garnered our respects during their daily lunch break by hitting up one of our favorite local chains, Taqueria de Anda. Join them on their adventure: