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Carl’s Jr. Creates Triple-Stacked Slider As Part Of New Mini Burger Lineup

Carl’s Jr. just dropped a lineup of massive snack-sized burgers into their menu, including a triple-stacked slider that has as much beef as a regular hamburger.

triple-stacked slider

Photo courtesy of Carl’s Jr.

The new Charbroiled Sliders come in single, double, or triple patty versions. Meant to be a new snack option for Carl’s, the largest slider can actually be a meal on its own. That’s because each patty weighs in at 1.3 ounces, meaning eating a Triple Slider is basically the same thing as downing a quarter pound burger. Except it’s about triple the height, which means I’m gonna have a hard time loosening my jaw to get around the whole thing.

The sliders are definitely on the cheap end, and appear to be Carl’s Jr.’s foray into the fast food ultra-cheap value menu wars. The single slider is just $1, the double slider costs $1.50, and the triple slider is $2. Each one gets topped with classic burger fixings: American cheese, mustard, ketchup, pickle, and diced onion.

You can also get the sliders in a $5 Box, which comes with two double sliders, fries, a 20 oz. drink, and a chocolate chip cookie.

Carl’s Jr. is also debuting a “Happy Hour” that just involves the double-stacked sliders. From 2-5 pm daily, their price will drop down to a buck. It does seem like a small discount, but if you take advantage of the “Happy Hour,” you’re basically ordering single sliders and getting double the meat. It’s all about the gains, y’all.

All of these offers involving the sliders will be around until April 24.