Triple Double Truffles

Aren’t you jealous of the guys over at the Foodbeast HQ? You should be. They get to try out all kinds of awesome up-and-coming food products way before you or me: Honey BBQ Cheese Puffs, Triple Double Oreo cookies, Fiery Fusion Doritos AND Cheetos!

In the meantime, I get to read about how great these things taste and then twiddle my thumbs for a month or so. But I am twiddling no more: the grocery finally started carrying Triple Double Oreo cookies!

And since I can’t let anything just be itself, I turned the first package I purchased (sans one for a taste test) into truffles.

 Triple Double Truffles


– 1pkg Triple Double Oreo Cookies (if one or two fall out of the bag and into your mouth, I won’t tell)

– 8oz cream cheese, softened

– white chocolate baking bark


1. Crush the entire package of Oreos in the food processor.

2. Add in the cream cheese and blend until fully combined.

3. Scoop into balls (I used 2t of goo per ball) and chill in the fridge.

4. Melt baking bark, coat truffles and let set in the freezer.

As you can see from the image, I used both regular chocolate and white chocolate bark. However, the consensus was that white chocolate was definitely the way to go.

The chocolate creme and the extra cookie in the middle increased the chocolately-ness of the truffle significantly when compared to a regular Oreo truffle.  If you were wondering if that’s a good thing, yes, yes it is. These were definitely worth the wait.


Triple Double Oreo Now Officially Available In Stores Nationwide

After months of Internet rumors and speculation, one of the most anticipated cookie releases in recent memory is officially upon us — Triple Double Oreo. In early May, the news of the yet-to-be-released cookie surfaced via a rather curious Reddit post where a user claimed their friend was a product tester, and managed to snag a picture of the packaging.

For some serendipitous reason, the idea of an OREO with three layers of chocolate cookies and two different layers of creme, one vanilla one chocolate, was enough to get the Internet buzzing. Official word from Nabisco claims that the cookie is now in grocery stores nationwide, starting this week. The suggested retail price is $4.19 per package. One serving (1 cookie) is 100 calories and a total of 4.5g of fat.

To help with the launch of the new Triple Double Oreo cookie, the brand has called upon the help of Shaquille O’Neal, Eli Manning, Venus Williams and Apolo Ohno for the upcoming TV and promotional spots. Oh yeah, there’s also the brand’s mascot, Stufy. Get familiar:

Triple Double Oreo


Triple Double Oreos Neapolitan Spotted in the Wild

Triple Double Oreo Neapolitan. Believe it! The Triple Double Oreo was arguably one of the biggest snacking stories of 2011. Even before a full-fledged distribution of the original flavor had hit stores, someone has stumbled upon a pack of Triple Double Neapolitan OREOS. Yes, three Golden Oreos separating layers of Chocolate and Strawberry frosting.

Thanks to some investigating reporting from our friend the Fat Guy, we now get a closer look at the flavor we didn’t even know existed. We now await word from Nabisco about further distribution for both the initial Triple Double Oreos and now, the Neapolitan version. Word on several streets is that some Walmart stores have them in stock ($3.00).

Triple Double Oreo Neopolitan


How High Would You Bid For a Package of Triple Double Oreos?

Back in early May, photos of the currently unreleased Triple Double Oreo leaked to the Internet. What followed was an insane Internet buzz that immediately prompted the response of Nabisco confirming the new product, and stating it would be in stores nationwide in August of this year.

We were lucky enough to come up on a package of our own a few weeks back – Tasting the Triple Double Oreo – giving you a closer look at its weight, consistency and general reactions to the multiple-level cookie. At the time, we didn’t realize how coveted the package we had in our possession truly was.

Recently, another package has surfaced on eBay, a joint promotional piece between OREO cookies and NBA star Shaquille O’Neal, with all proceeds from the auction being donated to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Newark.

What a timely effort, considering the NBA star has just announced his own retirement following 19 years of professional basketball play. For those unfamiliar with basketball terminology, a “triple-double” in a basketball game occurs when a player accounts for double-digit numbers in any three statistical categories such as points, assists, steals, blocks, or rebounds, in a single game.

The auction ends on June 17th, and with 14 bids as of noontime PST, June 8th, the current price is $70.99.

How high will the bidding go? How much would you pay for a box? Only time will tell. June 17th, we’ll see you soon!


This Week In Pictures [05/20/2011]

Every Friday we wrap up the week by posting a hodgepodge of pictures from around the office. Today is no different, except, we have a new Gallery feature for you to sift through! Hope you like it:


A Closer Look at Nabisco’s Triple Double OREO

A week or so ago we got confirmation that Nabisco was indeed producing a Triple Double Oreo variety. Earlier this morning, we were fortunate enough to get a package of our own. For those who haven’t heard, the Triple Double Oreo features three wafers and two levels of creme: one chocolate and one classic vanilla.

According to the nutrition facts on the package, each cookie will set you back about 100 calories4.5 grams of fat and 15 grams of carbs. The container is complete with 18 cookies. These cookies will hit shelves later this summer.

Here’s what they look like in person:


Nabisco Confirms The Triple Double Oreo

We broke the news yesterday, but sources at Nabisco have told that the Triple Double Oreo is indeed en route to be released this summer. Through their statement, Nabisco describes the new cookie as a compilation of three chocolate Oreo wafers with two different layers of creme — classic vanilla and chocolate.

While Nabisco has offered up a myriad of variations on the traditional Oreo — Mini Oreos, the Double Stuf, etc. — this is perhaps one of the most eye popping in their line. The sheer presence of three chocolate wafers gives off a silhouette similar to a McDonald’s Big Mac. When your cookie looks like a Big Mac, something is right in the world.