DIY Candy Kit Lets You Build And Eat Your Own Bonsai Tree

Having just binged the entire Cobra Kai season 3, I’m in full Miagyi mode, yet also in desperate need of sugar. 

Answering my cravings, a candy kit from Japan lets you enjoy the visual aesthetics of the time-honored bonsai tree, and when you’re right and ready, feast on its sweet bark. 

SoraNews24 shared candy company Heart’s newest creation, a do-it-yourself candy bonsai tree kit. 

This kit comes with pieces of chocolate, vanilla sponge cake “leaf powder,” and a few molding trays that let you craft a miniature model bonsai tree entirely out of confectionary items.

All the tools you’ll really need are included, minus some toothpicks and a freezer to help chill the chocolate. 

Check out the video above to see the assembly in action. You can find and order the Bonsai DIY Candy Kits through Amazon Japan

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This Is Reese’s Brilliant Response To Fans Shaming Their Christmas Tree Chocolates

This year, Reese’s fans took to social media to express their dissatisfaction with the brand’s holiday Christmas Tree candy. What was supposed to look like a Christmas Tree ended up looking like a piece poop. Literally.

Reese’s, however, took the response like a pro and replied with this image posted on their Twitter account.

A genius move on Reese’s social team’s part. Kind of shuts down every complaint of how the trees look from here on.

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Fans Shame Reese’s Over Christmas Tree Peanut Butter Cups That Look Like ‘Turds’


Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups usually launches a festive variation of its chocolate to get consumers hyped for Christmas. The chocolate candy, a Christmas tree, has been met with less than satisfied reactions this year from Reese’s lovers.

Apparently, fans of the peanut butter and chocolate snack are a tad disappointed that the holiday sweet kind of looks like a “turd.”

Consumers have since posted photos of their misshapen Reese’s Christmas Trees, letting the chocolate brand know how disappointed they were with the shape of the candy.

A spokesperson for the company told Fox News that the special edition chocolates weren’t made from a traditional mold, which would give it a more symmetrical shape. Because if this, and the chocolate’s higher peanut butter ratio, the Christmas trees end up with a less-than-distinct shape.

We have a feeling the brand might steer clear of Christmas trees next year.

Here are some of the results.


The most disappointing Christmas tree around. #reeses #sadness #notthemostwonderfultreeoftheyear A photo posted by @sarataylor00 on

My #Reese’s trees look like poop and tastes like peanut butter.

A photo posted by Derek Huether (@derekhuether) on

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The Champagne Tree is the Closest We’ll Ever Get to a Money Tree


Inside London’s esteemed Saatchi Gallery, tucked away in the Duke of York Square, Tord Boontje and Perrier-Jouët launched their recent collaboration: The Enchanting Tree, featuring a tree with twisted branches curled into glass holders for champagne flutes, filled with Perrier-Jouet Champagne.

The inspiration behind the champagne tree was twofold: the changing of the seasons and what Dutch designer Boontje calls, “the champagne moment.” Nature, aesthetics, and the delight of alcohol all wrapped into one.

Wreathed in anemones, each of the twisting golden trees holds six champagne flutes that can be filled while suspended in the air, while a simple turn of the glass releases it from the metal branch. Although the champagne tree present at the launch will ultimately be housed in the Maison Belle Epoque, the VIP showpiece for Perriet-Jouët champagne house, the champagne service will be available at the high-end department store Selfridge’s and in some premium hotels.

Now, howabout we take things to the next level and make a beer tree? We bet it’ll be as glorious as it sounds.

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Cheeseburger Christmas Ornament

Hope you guys are ready for Egg Nog, presents, Santa Clause and family you haven’t seen in forever, because Christmas is less then ten days away! If you haven’t decorated your tree because you forgot it was Christmas, it’s cool, we got you covered with this Cheeseburger Christmas Ornament. It is totally made out of glass and isn’t edible, but it does look somewhat appetizing. If you’re trying to make your friends mouth water when they take a glimpse at your tree, make sure and get one of these at the TendyTree for only $11.99!