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Taco Truck Opens In The Middle Of Freeway Traffic, Saves The Day

Growing up in Los Angeles, I know the feeling of being stuck in traffic, tired, hungry, and wishing all the cars in front of me would disappear. I’ve been stuck in random road closures before and can feel the pain of the folks in Seattle, WA who had to endure hours of sitting and waiting for the I-5 freeway to clear up after a propane-filled truck tipped over this past Monday.

There is a happy ending to this story, however, as a heroic taco truck opened in the middle of the freeway and started dishing out delicious Mexican food to hungry drivers, according to the Seattle Times.

Tacos El Tajin was in the same boat as everyone, and weren’t going to make it to their lunch stop, so they decided to just open up where they were.

Little by little, other motorists were noticing that people were walking around with boxes of food, and got up themselves to form a line and buy tacos.

If only taco trucks could be around during all times of distress, the world would be a better place.


New Study Shows That Loud Surroundings Are Making Us Fat


If your noisy neighbors weren’t annoying enough, a new study shows they might also make you fat. According a team of Swedish researchers, a study on the effects of metabolism discovered a link between environmental noise and weight gain.

The study observed 5,000 people in Stockholm. Residents near noisy areas like airports, train tracks, or loud blocks, were found to be chubbier than their counterparts living in quieter areas.

Loud noises can lead to lack of sleep and cause prolonged stress. However, the researchers also hypothesized that the environmental noise also increased cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone known to stimulate fat growth.

According to the study, living by traffic will make people 0.21 centimeters thicker. Those living by a railroad were 0.46 centimeters fatter. Those living in an area with planes flying overhead will gain 0.99 centimeters.

While there’s really nothing those who live in metropolitan cities can do about this, it’s something interesting to keep in mind the next time residents are up all night thanks to environmental noise.



Got Fries? 42,000 Pound Ketchup Spill Creates Massive Traffic Jam


When a long line of cars pile up on the road, most of us think: There’s been a bad traffic accident.

Now, imagine driving past an incident where all you see is red liquid smeared all over the highway.

Pretty gruesome, right? But before you clutch your pretty little heart in terror, consider this: What if it was all ketchup, not blood?

Believe it or not, a ketchup-covered commute actually happened in real life — early Thursday afternoon, just outside of Reno, Nevada, when a tractor trailer lost control and spilled its delicious, tomatoey guts all over the highway.

What could have been a potentially traumatic incident yesterday was only tragic in the sense that there was a ton (literally) — we’re talking 42,000 pounds — of ketchup lost.

According to The Associated Press, Nevada Patrol Sgt. Janay Sherven said there was “red everywhere.” She told the newspaper, “No bodies, no people, just ketchup.”

While it’s great that no one was hurt, it was less than a fortunate situation for drivers — who were held back in traffic for more than an hour.

And, sadly, all of that lovely ketchup went to waste. But at least the gruesome murder scene turned out to be nothing more than a French fries-lover’s dream. Potato party, anyone?

H/T Gawker + PicThx KOLO