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Arby’s Is Now Serving Traditional Greek Gyros Made With LAMB Meat

Arby’s has been killing it lately with their latest offerings, like the mouthwatering pork belly burger to their hot-ticket venison sandwiches.

The fast food sandwich chain had been serving turkey and roast beef gyros for years. Gyro lovers will be happy to hear that Arby’s is getting a little more authentic with their new Traditional Greek Gyros.

Arby’s new Greek Gyro features a blend of lamb, beef, and Mediterranean spices sliced straight from a spit rotisserie. The meat is topped with lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, tzaziki sauce and Greek seasoning, all resting on a warm pita bread.

We consulted with Foodbeast’s very own Grecian Scholar, Constantine Spyrou, who explained the “Greek seasoning” more than likely was made with garlic, oregano, salt, and pepper.

Any addition of Greek food to fast food is more than welcomed as far as we’re concerned.

Patrons can find Arby’s new Traditional Greek Gyros for a limited time at participating locations.