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Trader Joe’s Is The First Major US Retailer To Sell Ruby Chocolate

In late 2017, Swiss confectioner Barry Callebaut invented what they’ve since called the “fourth type” of chocolate: ruby. Made with unique ruby cocoa beans, the resulting product has a natural pink hue and fruity flavor, and is the first new type of chocolate to be discovered in 80 years.

To date, ruby chocolate has been hard to track down in the United States. A couple of high-end retailers have sold it before, and many other parts of the world have been treated to ruby chocolate Kit Kats. Until recently, though, no major retailer in the US was selling the coveted chocolate type.

Trader Joe’s changed that when they debuted their Ruby Cacao Wafers in early February. As the first major retailer to sell the chocolate, they’ve opted to present it in a more pure form. The “wafers” are more like baking chips that you can melt down and use for just about any standard chocolate application.

Foodbeast had the chance to try Trader Joe’s wafers, and found the flavor of the ruby cacao to be pretty intriguing. It’s definitely fruity and reminiscent of white chocolate, but also has some raisin-like notes. It doesn’t taste like any flavorings are used, but is naturally aromatic, something surprising for a sweet with such a vibrant hue.

This is the first chance USA consumers have gotten to get the ruby chocolate in mainstream form, and hopefully, more big brands will follow suit in the near future.

You can get the Ruby Cacao Wafers at Trader Joe’s for a limited time, with a 5 ounce package selling for $2.99.

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Trader Joe’s Just Made French Onion Soup In Handheld Form

Photo courtesy of Trader Joe’s

Despite my sensitivity to lactose, I can’t pass up on a solid bowl of French onion soup. The marriage of caramelized onions, savory stock, and stringy, crispy cheese have joined together to warm my bones on more than one cold occasion.

For those who can’t get enough of French Onion Soup but lack the time needed to dote over a pot of onions for four hours, Trader Joe’s has released a variation that’s a bit easier to prep.

Their new French Onion Soup Bites with Caramelized Onions & Swiss Cheese is a mouthful in more ways than just its name. The new frozen appetizer is made with a doughy wrapper that’s stuffed with caramelized onions and Swiss cheese, and seasoned with a vegetable broth base.

You’re essentially biting into French Onion soup, just minus the mess, and I’m completely down with that. Anything to satiate those soup cravings.

Guests can find these bites in the frozen foods aisle at your local Trader Joe’s in 8.46-ounce boxes for $4.49.

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Turn Anything To Carrot Cake With Trader Joe’s New Spread

When my mom asked me to try carrot cake for the first time, my five-year-old self rebuked the dessert with disgust. The idea of combining cake with a vegetable was unheard of… until I tried it. Nearly 25 years later and carrot cake has maintained its spot as one of my favorite cakes of all time.

For those who just can’t get enough of the humble dessert, Trader Joe’s new Carrot Cake Spread will let you pretty much turn anything into a carrot cake.

Essentially a jam, the spread is made with minced carrots, bits of orange peel, crushed pineapples, golden raisins, and fall spices. Sweetened with cane sugar and molasses, the spread also boasts a touch of concentrate from lemon and apple juice.

You can combine it with cream cheese and create a carrot cake frosting on pretty much anything you want, or pair it with some peanut butter in a sandwich.

No joke, we picked up a jar of this from our local TJ’s and it really does capture the taste of carrot cake — though we recommend using it in moderation until you find a good balance. It’s rather sweet.

The 10-ounce jars of Carrot Cake Spread can be found at participating Trader Joe’s locations in the grocery aisle.

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Here’s Why Trader Joe’s Bananas Only Cost 19 Cents

Photo: PS-Prometheus/Shutterstock

If you’re ever looking for a cheap snack, Trader Joe’s bananas do not disappoint. Their 19-cent bananas are certainly a steal of a deal, on the same caliber as Costco’s $4.99 rotisserie chicken and their $1.99 slice of pizza. 19-cents for a snack is pretty hard to beat, and it’s all thanks to one honest customer.

In an episode of the new podcast “Inside Trader Joe’s,” the company’s CEO Dan Bane shares a story of a short conversation he had with an older customer in Arizona. Before the birth of the 19-cent banana, Trader Joe’s used to package up bananas in bags containing four or five bananas.

One afternoon a woman was looking at the packaged bananas but decided to not take a bag for herself. Dane stopped the customer and asked, “Ma’am, if you don’t mind me asking, I saw you looking at the bananas but you didn’t…put anything in your cart.”

“Sonny,” she replies, “I may not live to that fourth banana.”

After that, Dane decided to sell his bananas individually, decreasing the price to a mere 19-cents. The success of the 19-cent banana was all thanks to Dane’s ability to listen and find solutions for his customers.

Those 19-cent bananas aren’t the only customer favorite at Trader Joe’s. Turns out fans are crazy over a few other products, which were revealed in the Trader Joe’s Customer Choice Awards.

Bought too many of these cheap bananas? That’s okay, these 35 recipes that use up ripe bananas will help you with that problem.

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Article by Kiersten Hickman from Taste of Home. View the original article here.


9 Cheap Things You Should Buy Only at Trader Joe’s

Las Vegas - Circa July 2017: Trader Joe's Retail Strip Mall Location. Trader Joe's is a chain of specialty grocery stores in the U.S.Photo: Jonathan Weiss / Shutterstock

Trader Joe’s is the place to go for ready-to-make prepackaged dinners and 2-Buck Chuck. But did you know there are lots of other cheap (and delicious) things that you should be buying at the quirky grocery store? Browse this list before your next visit to the market, and thank us as you unload the items in your kitchen later.

1. Nuts

Nuts at Trader Joe’s are considerably cheaper than at other markets—not to mention that the store has an abundance of nutty varieties. Check out everything from slivered almonds to whole Brazil nuts, and look for smoked, salted and even sweet chili.

2. Precut Produce

Weeknights can be extremely busy, and when you’re in a pinch in the kitchen, it helps to save time by buying precut produce. Trader Joe’s has classic items like crinkle cut carrot strips and broccoli florets, and less-traditional veggies like cauliflower riceand prepared kale salad mixes, for effortless side dishes.

3. Alcohol

T-Joe’s has long been celebrated for inexpensive wines of all varieties. However, the grocery store has affordable, and high-quality, offerings in beer and liquor selection, too. Check out the Trader Joe’s Kentucky Bourbon Straight Whiskey or the reasonably priced local craft beers—the shelves are always stocked with your favorite IPAs.

4. Cheese

Having a cheese party? Trick your friends into thinking you went to an artisanal cheese shop by stocking up on the dairy-laden goods at Trader Joe’s. From savory smoked goudas to sweet blueberry chevre spreads, the cheese aisle is the place to pick up goodies that will wow friends and satisfy your stomach.

5. Frozen Meals

Everyone should know how to prepare a few good meals at home, but sometimes you want the convenience of having a frozen meal at the ready. Trader Joe’s has a variety of tasty frozen dishes, including garlicky palak paneer and TJ’s cult favorite—the Reduced Guilt Mac & Cheese.

6. Seasonal Treats

You haven’t lived until you’ve tasted a Peppermint Joe Joe or snacked on a slice of Butternut Squash Parmigiana. The chain uses seasonal ingredients that wow in its offerings, and we won’t blame you if you feel the need to try them all. We did.

7. Orchids

Trader Joe’s has bouquets of fresh flowers daily, including arrangements—some including orchids!—ranging from $4 to $10. Small potted orchid plants are available beginning at $8. These beautiful, exotic plants make for welcome hostess gifts or will simply look beautiful around your own home.

8. Frozen Desserts

Running late to a party? Forgot to stop at the local bakery? Pop into Trader Joe’s and pick up a sumptuous frozen dessert. From the decadent chocolate ganache torte to the tasty Speculoos cookie butter cheesecake bites, there’s an item for you that will be delicious, affordable and easy to serve.

9. Wraps

When you’re hungry and looking for something healthy to snack on, seek out a premade lunch from Trader Joe’s. You’ll find a variety of wraps and sandwiches, usually in or near the produce section, that are filling and healthy. Check out the Cubano Seasoned Wrap or a turkey salad sandwich for a meal that won’t disappoint.

Cheap doesn’t have to mean boring. Lots of delicious, reasonably priced items are waiting for you at Trader Joe’s. Grab a reusable shopping bag and get ready to fill it up—just be sure to make room in your pantry for the ingredients to prepare one of our timeless homemade meals.

Article by Justine McGrath from Taste of Home.

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Trader Joe’s Creates $13 Holiday Turkey Bake That Wins Friendsgiving

If you’re looking to do Friendsgiving on the cheap this year, Trader Joe’s has got you covered. They just an unveiled a holiday turkey bake called “Turkey & Stuffing En Croute” that can feed a squad of four for just $13.

A post shared by Trader Joe’s (@traderjoes) on

The entire meal, which weighs in at 40 ounces, consists of a turkey tenderloin and stuffing encased in puffed pastry. The holiday turkey bake just needs to be thawed and baked, and comes with sides of turkey gravy and cranberry sauce, essentially completing the entire Thanksgiving spread in a single box. The only thing missing is mashed potatoes and pie, both of which can be acquired on the cheap just about anywhere.

Considering that you’re probably paying at least $13 for just the turkey alone for a typical holiday meal, this frozen Thanksgiving amalgamation comes through in the clutch for those looking to pinch pennies but get the whole traditional Turkey Day experience. Since the Turkey & Stuffing En Croute feeds 4 people, the total cost per person of this meal checks in at about $3, making it extremely affordable.

Trader Joe’s will have the bake available throughout the entire holiday season, so if you’re not sick of the turkey and trimmings after Thanksgiving, you can still pick it up afterward if you’re down to save bucks on a family meal.

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Major Grocers Like Whole Foods Are Recalling Fresh-Cut Vegetables Over Potential Listeria

If you’ve gone grocery shopping and bought fresh-cut vegetables recently, check them now, because they may be under recall.

Multiple major grocers, including Whole Foods, Walmart, Target, Trader Joe’s, Meijer, Albertson’s, and others, are all issuing voluntary recalls after Mann Packing Co., a major produce supplier, learned that Listeria monocytogenes may be in their product. Mann called for their products to be returned after Canadian food authorities inspected some vegetables and got a positive test for the pathogen.

Mann Packing Co. has since posted a full list of all products under recall on its website. The packed vegetables predominantly consist of broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts. Several party trays of veggies were also affected.

On top of the Mann’s recall, Whole Foods and others are issuing select voluntary returns of their own for various salad products in light of the potential Listeria contamination.

Listeria is a pathogen that does well in cold environments and typically results in symptoms like fever and diarrhea. However, if the bacteria spreads to other parts of the body, it causes a disease called Listeriosis that can result in muscle aches, confusion, and loss of balance. In pregnant women, it can result in stillbirths and miscarriages.

Fortunately, no illnesses have yet to be reported regarding the vegetables, and all of those affected by the recall have gone past their expiration dates. Thus, it’s best to discard or return any veggies you purchased on the list to the original store, where you will receive a full refund.

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Every Egg In This Carton From Trader Joe’s Contained Two Yolks And We’re Freaking Out

What in the world is Trader Joe’s feeding the chickens they get their eggs from?

YouTube user Mark J uploaded a shocking video showing that every single egg in a carton of twelve he bought from Trader Joe’s contained TWO yolks inside. The video shows five of them being cracked in a row that contained the duo of yolks, and the other seven had been cracked the night before and all also contained double yolks.

To put that into perspective, the probability of just one double-yolked egg appearing in a carton is about one in 1000. If this were a truly coincidental event, as the video portrays it to be, the likeliness of every egg in a carton being double-yolked is the same as winning the Powerball lottery FOUR times.

That all being said, there is some evidence that this could have just been a mistake in packaging. While Mark J did buy a carton of regularly marked eggs from Trader Joe’s, their supplier for these particular eggs, Sauder, does produce full cartons of double-yolked eggs that they label and sell as such. The probability of this happening is still rare, but its more likely that a labeling error was the true cause.

Regardless of whether that was the case or not, though, one thing’s for sure: Mark J is one lucky dude.