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Jell-O Just Launched DIY Edible Building Blocks For Kids

My mother always told me never to play with my food. Unfortunately, that’s something I never quite grew out of. Part of me knew that if I waited it out, playing with my meals would one day become socially acceptable. Well it seems that day has finally come.

Jell-O announced the debut of their first-ever line of edible toys.

Called Jell-O Play Build and Eat Kits, children can use plastic molds to create Jell-O building blocks that they can stack together and build pretty much anything with.

Also debuting are Jell-O Play Cutter Kits which lets kids cut out whimsical shapes from Jell-O molds and Jell-O edible stickers. Bring them all together and the sky’s the limit.

The new Jell-O toys are available for pre-order on Amazon and, and will be available nationwide this summer.

I have to wonder though, despite the age 4-12 recommendation, if I could build a Millennium Falcon with these blocks? Curious.

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McDonald’s and Disney Will, Once Again, Live Happily Ever After

After much deliberation, Disney has decided to take back McDonald’s.

Disney and the Golden Arches have finally reunited. After over 10 years apart, the two will thankfully have McDonald’s Happy Meals featuring Disney characters as the toys accompanying your child’s delicious meal that you will eventually steal from.

Starting off this shift is the “Incredibles 2,” with toys featuring characters from the highly anticipated new Disney film.

The only Disney film that seems like it could potentially helm the role of Happy Meal toy is “Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2,” but that doesn’t come out until November ’18, so the “Incredibles 2” better live up to its name and reputation.

But it’s alright, it’s been over a decade, we’ll cut them some slack for now. The reason Disney severed its ties with the fast food empire was because they found the Happy Meals to be too high in caloric intake. In 2006, the obesity epidemic was huge, and Disney thought it best to relinquish any further desire of the Happy Meals that children harbored.

It was a smart move on Disney, to keep McDonald’s to a healthier standard. The fast food franchise showed it really understood the change by announcing this February that it would reduce the calorie count on their Happy Meals by 20 percent, as well as cutting the cheeseburger from the meal.

So, it seems the children of 2006 were gifted with toys and calories galore, and the little tykes nowadays are going to be getting the same, just maybe a fewer toys and fewer calories. That ain’t so bad, is it?

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Watch Hot Wheels Dramatically Collide With Eggs In Super Slow Motion

Growing up, we loved collecting Hot Wheels toy cars. Racing them down bookshelves and crashing them into toy soldiers, it was all part of a growing up with a semi-decent imagination.

Kids seem to be getting a little more creative these days. The dudes over at popular YouTube channel Gabe and Garrett created a video highlighting Hot Wheels stunts using farm fresh eggs.

Shot in super slow motion, the cars race off the track and collide with the eggs in a sick, sizzling reel of plastic and poultry. Sure, it’s a waste of perfectly good eggs, but it’s still pretty fascinating to watch.

Check out the video for a hearty dose of egg-cracking’ action.


Han Solo’s Trapped In Carbonite Frosting In This Deliciously Depressing Collectable


With Star Wars The Force Awakens set to open in a few months, folks are binging on the popular space opera to get their refresher before the December premiere. Running with the hype, Falcon Toys released a fake Pop-Tart collection that features the lovable rogue Han Solo encased in frosting.

It’s called Pop-Art, playing on the delicious breakfast toaster pastry.

Fans of the original trilogy may remember that the hero gets encased in carbonite by the bounty hunter Boba Fett. Harkening back to that iconic image of Harrison Ford frozen still, the Pop-Tart-like figures recreate the scene in a wacky frosted take.

Available for $30, the figures sold out almost immediately. No word yet on when they’ll be in stock again, especially since each are hand painted, but keep checking back at Falcon Toys for updates.


LEGO Announces Simpsons Kwik-E-Mart Set That’ll Make You Come Again


Long-time fans of the animated series The Simpsons will know that the fictional convenience store, the Kwik-E-Mart, is one of the more prominently featured landmarks of the show. Now, it looks like the establishment will be making its way into the LEGO family, set to hit stores in early May.

A few noteworthy items in this detail-packed play-set include miniature donuts, a Squishie machine, heat lamp hot dogs, and tons of other snacks and beverages found throughout the show’s long-running history.

Featuring 2,179 pieces, the Kwik-E-Mart will also come with a few familiar faces of the famed show. This includes proprietor Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, articulate outlaw Snake Jailbird, police chief Clancy Wiggum, Homer Simpson, Marge Simpson and Bort Bart Simpson.

As with all LEGO products, expect your wallet to take a pretty decent hit. The suggested retail price of the Kwik-E-Mart set will run about $199 US.


Needless to say, it’s definitely on our next Christmas list.


This Toy Brings the Novelty of A Revolving Sushi Restaurant Straight to Your Home

Sushi Toy

While some kids are making cupcakes with their Easy-Bake Ovens, kids in Japan are learning how to make their own sushi. The new children’s toy is a conveyor belt that allows them to create and enjoy revolving sushi without ever having to step foot in a restaurant.

Appropriately named “Super Seizing At Home Conveyor Sushi,” the  belt comes with four mini plates attached to a toy ship. Each plate is able to hold a few pieces of sushi as it loops around a circular track. The belt also comes with tools that helps teach  kids  how to make sushi at an early age. While it doesn’t boast the convenience of having chefs make your sushi for you, it does bring the fun novelty of a conveyor belt restaurant straight to your home.

The Super Seizing At Home Conveyor Sushi is only available in Japan and while it’s marketed towards children, I’m sure a fair share of adults will reach for their wallets.

H/T Kotaku

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Hello Kitty Dolls Come to Singapore McDonald’s, Overwhelming Pre-Orders Temper Kitty Riots


The residents of Singapore braced themselves for the launch of Hello Kitty plushies at Singapore McDonald’s this week. About a decade and a half ago, the fast food chain released a similar promotion with the toys and were met with chaos.

Customers once again have the opportunity to buy limited-edition Hello Kitty plushies in a variety of different costumes. The choices include “Bad Badtz Maru,” “PomPomPurin,” and a few others I won’t pretend I know. Of course, like every other Hello Kitty product, they’re retail-friendly, aka adorable.

The result of the previous release of the toys in the early 2000s led to students ditching classes, adults skipping work, fistfights and damaged property. In hopes of maintaining even a shred of order, the chain implemented a a 4-dolls-per-customer policy. However, word has it that thanks to overwhelming pre-orders days before the launch, things were a lot calmer this year. Well, for now at least.

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McDonald’s Japan Serves Up Super Mario Happy Meal Toys


Yet again the U.S. is missing out on some sweet swag. These koopa-tastic Super Mario toys are being offered as part of a Happy Meal at all McDonald’s Japan locations. The toys include Peach, Yoshi, and Mario in various power-up forms such as Fire Mario and Penguin Mario. Notably excluded is Luigi. Surprise, surprise.

Nintendo was founded in Japan which is why the fast food chain is celebrating this cultural icon. Oh, and all of the Super Mario toys feature a unique sound effect, like Mario slamming the Hatena block, or an action, like Mario popping out of a Warp Pipe. All the more reason to be jealous of the lucky fast foodies in Japan.


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