This Nifty Japanese Spinning Toy Delivers Scrambled Hard Boiled Eggs


As much as we *love* putting our breakfast in pantyhose and shaking it around a bunch, sometimes we wish there was an easier way to enjoy scrambled hard boiled eggs than re-appropriating our precious hosiery. Like putting them in a $25 children’s toy, for instance.

Google translates its name to “Pudding whole Turn Turn funny eggs,” but this is basically a machine that helps you make pre-scrambled hard boiled eggs by breaking yolks in their shells. Available September 25 in Japan, the cute, colorful product is targeted at kids 15 and up and features an adorable dizzy egg mascot, because who doesn’t love their breakfast with a side of cartoon murder.

Stateside, there has been a Kickstarter for a similar product called the “Golden Goose,” which, like the sock method, broke the inner yolk only after much yanking. This device is different. Though spinning is indeed involved, the only work required of the user is a pulling a slot machine like lever and watching your egg go nuts.  Then, after about 10 minutes of boiling, you’ve successfully laid yourself a golden egg. Jackpot.

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This Portable ‘Beer Server’ Insta-Cools Your Brew


This is the Premium Beer Server GOKUREI, a kind of portable cooler machine that can chill a can of beer to 40 Fahrenheit in under 4 minutes.

Made by Japanese toy manufacturer Takara Tomy, the Gokurei comes with a cooling chamber and mixing faucet and works similarly to a water cooler. You just add ice and water to the chamber (plus salt, if you prefer your beer below freezing), set the machine to “cool,” and proceed to knock back a few refreshing shandies in probably less time than you’d spend asking your bro why you can’t open that damn twist-top. If you’re in Japan, keep an eye out for it on May 22, when it hits shelves at a price of 7,800 yen (US$77).

And, because the Japanese just love their bubbles, the Gokurei also features a high-speed internal whipping blade, so you can adjust the level of beer foam to your heart’s desire. Take that, Igloo.

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A Kit Kat x Lego Set You Can Actually Break Apart


Kit Kat, current kingpins of the catchy candy commercial scene, have just given us a new reason to play with our food — a Kit Kat-inspired Lego playset, featuring authentic details from the actual candy.

According to Lego blog The Brick Fan, the Kit Kat team designed the set during one of their “occupational breaks.” Dubbed #LegoKITKAT, the concept comes complete with a bright red, international Kit Kat packaging outer “wrapper,” four layered “chocolate wafer” sticks, and a set number (27325). Judging by the promotional images, you could also use the set to create a Kit Kat bald eagle, Kit Kat tyrannosaurus, and a Kit Kat fighter plane.


Unfortunately, the set is just a mock-up for now, but that’s no reason we shouldn’t all try to recreate the thing ourselves. Break Time, Any Time.

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Sprinkles Cupcakes to Sell Miniature Toy Versions of Itself

Sprinkles Bakery Toy 1

Sprinkles is expanding its cupcake shop empire into the world of toys. Now Barbie dolls ’round the world can feel the disparaging reality of waiting in an hour long line for some overhyped cupcakes. You might have to build a little door though, you know, for the Barbies to accidentally hit each other with as they finally make it into the cupcake mecca’s inner sanctum.

Maybe this set is really a lesson patience in disguise, or maybe it’s just a clever way to get advertising inside your homes.

We’re guessing it’s the latter.

Sprinkles Bakery Toy 2

Filled with props such as assorted cupcakes topped with a signature dot, a cash register and mini to-go coffees, this toy set is a pretty elaborate recreation of the popular bakery. No word on if the set will include little brown shirts adorned with the Sprinkles logo for Barbie to play baker but the Sprinkles Cupcake Bakery Toy will be available on the Sprinkles website for $15 just in time for the holiday season.

We’re betting next Christmas they’ll release a Sprinkles ATM or Sprinkles Ice Cream set.

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Fight Hunger by Moonlight with Sailor Moon Chopsticks


As much as we’d love to believe otherwise, there really isn’t any room in our healthy, adjusted adult lives for Sailor Moon toys. Luckily, these gorgeous Sailor Moon-inspired chopsticks by Bandai aren’t toys — they’re dining utensils!

Now you can pig out on your favorite odango (dumplings) with the same magical scepters used by your favorite odango-atama (“dumpling-head”). The pink wooden accoutrements come with three different toppers: Sailor Moon’s “Moon Stick,” from the first season; the “Cutie Moon Rod,” from the second season; and Sailor Mini-Moon’s “Pink Moon Stick,” from the third season.


Best of all, each topper can be removed, so you can totally throw the chopsticks in the washer while you go off to talk to cats, twirl around naked for 30 seconds, and throw sparkly confetti at bad guys.

Sailor Moon Chopsticks: available online from Bandai for $15 each; delivery expected for March. 

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Canned Dragon Meat Pairs Well with Khaleesi Tears


From the makers of Unicorn Meat comes the next reasonable sacrifice in the imaginary animal food chain: Dragon Meat.

What I like to think would be a spicier version of it’s rainbow lovin’ counterpart, this Dragon Meat is sure to be a hit at your next Knights of the Round Table meeting.

No longer do you have to risk life and limb for a literal taste of victory. Put down your gauntlets, lay down Excalibur and grab a can of Dragon Meat, filled with your daily dose of “havoc, terror, inferno, destruction, magic and rage.”

Spoiler Alert: This isn’t actually edible. It’s a stuffed dragon’s head. Just an FYI. Don’t try to eat it. Seriously.

Canned Dragon Meat $12.99 @Think Geek

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Finally, Someone Made Fortune-Telling Bacon


I hate to break it to you, guy, but just because a super-intelligent spider describes your pig as “some pig,” “terrific” and “radiant” doesn’t mean that when you finally do cook the thing, you’ll magically wind up with fortune-telling bacon. That’s just not how it works.

If you want fortune-telling bacon, do it like the Sisters of Radiant Farms, who previously brought us the magic that was Canned Unicorn Meat and are now back with quite possibly the only way to make the epitome of perfection even better.

Created from magical swine in Ireland, Fortune-Telling Bacon works by revealing the exact kind of fried pork fat you crave at any given time. Just place a strip in the palm of your hand and watch as it curls out its answer, fortune-telling fish style:

Moves Left – Chewy Goodness
Moves Right – Crispy
Both Ends Move – Sizzling Hot
Sides Curl – Canadian
Flips Over – Spicy
Curls up Entirely – Greasy
Lies Motionless – Vegetarian


Full disclosure: I can’t guarantee this thing will work right each and every time. When I tried it out (in the following fake story which never really happened), I was totally hankering for some turkey bacon, but the stupid thing didn’t even know what to do with that. It didn’t move left or right or lie motionless. It just sort of exploded. I had to go through at least 30 more before realizing that I knew myself and I knew what I wanted and no silly plastic fortune-telling pig was gonna tell me otherwise.

Some pig, indeed.

Fortune Telling Bacon $10 @ Think Geek

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Fruit Ninja Plush Toys

The touch-based mobile video game phenomenon lives on in your home through an assortment of stuffed plush toys just adorable enough to grace rooms of people young and old. For now, you can choose between a watermelon plush that comes pre-sliced for your entertainment and the old guru who doles out the help and advice in Fruit Ninja. The two are also available as a set.

($15 – $30 @ Fruit Ninja Store)