Health Hit-Or-Miss Video

Woman Mistakenly Eats Poisonous Plant On Livestream

A recent practice in China encourages consuming raw aloe vera for a multitude of health benefits. These include aiding in digestion, immune boost, soothing irritations, and providing antioxidants.

One wellness vlogger did a livestream where she ate, what she thought was raw aloe vera on camera. Unfortunately, she grabbed the wrong plant.

Mashable reports the 26-year-old woman actually bit into Agave americana, a poisonous plant that can cause your throat to burn and swell up. At first everything seemed to go well during the woman’s vlog, until she noticed the plant tasted bitter. Fortunately, she caught the mistake almost immediately and went to the hospital before the toxic plant could do more damage.

Now we’re not ones to judge about eating things we don’t know much about on camera, but this was definitely a hard life lesson for the young health personality. Hopefully she’s more careful on her next livestream.


High Toxin Levels Cause Hold On Crab Season In West Coast


Bad news for crab lovers in the West Coast. The Associated Press reports that crab season has been delayed because dangerous toxin levels were found in the crustaceans along the coast of California, Oregon and Washington.

Elevated levels of domoic acid were discovered in the crabs, causing major concerns from health officials. The toxin is naturally produced by microscopic algae in the Pacific. When consumed by shellfish, it produces the domoic acid.

While domoic acid can usually be found in the crustaceans, the elevated levels are what’s causing concerns. Low concentrations are pretty harmless, however, highly-concentrated levels of the toxin can cause minor or severe illness and possibly even death.

Though crab season for the states has been delayed, officials say that it’s safe to eat the crabs currently sold in stores.

The delay will be in effect until health officials believe its finally safe to fish for crabs. When we do eat them, however, it’s best to avoid the fat in the back of the shell as well as the gut. Those areas are where the toxins accumulate.