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Wendy’s Hits the Road With Hot ‘N Juicy Cheeseburgers Celebration

With its official release date only less than a month away, Wendy’s is celebrating the release of their brand new line of burgers in a huge way with their Tour of America. For the next four months, Wendy’s will be traveling to select cities across the US and will be providing games, live performances and of course, free cheeseburgers. These aren’t just any cheeseburgers, either!

If you’re unfamiliar with Dave’s Hot ‘N Juicy Cheeseburgers, you can expect thicker, meatier patties, premium toppings, such as 100% American cheese, crinkle-cut pickles, sweet red onions, and a thick sliced tomato, all sandwiched between a warm, buttered, toasted bun. A 1/4 lb single cheeseburger is expected to run you 580 calories, with 33 grams of fat, with the 1/2 lb double at 810 calories, and 48 grams of fat, and their 3/4 lb triple at 1060 calories and 67 grams of fat.

Visit this link to join the tour! By the time December rolls around, Wendy’s will have given away 37,000 cheeseburgers to 26 cities. Apparently, Wendy’s is already in the Christmas spirit of giving. Eat on!


Denny’s Reveals a 10-Item “Tour of America” Menu

Earlier today, Denny’s announced their latest notable menu addition since their bacon-themed Baconalia line up back in April of this year. The new menu includes six savory dishes, a dessert option and three state-specific beverages that span influences from Florida, Hawaii and the Pacific Northwest.

The menu is highlighted by a Southern Shrimp & Grits dish and and a Midwestern Meat & Potatoes sandwich that’s filled with grilled prime rib, French fries, melted Swiss and American cheese, mayo and smothered in brown gravy. Hungry yet?

We’ve put together a nice slideshow with all the dishes and information about them all: