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7-Eleven Now Has Tater Tots You Can Top Just Like Nachos

Tots are pretty big right now in the food world. We’ve begun loading them up with everything from Spam musubi to elote as we hearken back to our childhood with these crispy spud nuggets. With that in mind, 7-Eleven has decided to jump in on the tater tot market and launched their own version that you can custom build.

7-Eleven tots

The 7-Eleven Tots can be treated just like their nachos or hot dogs, with condiments ranging from onions, jalapenos, and pico de gallo available to load on. Chili and cheese are also available, but do cost an extra buck (at least, at the 7-Eleven we got them at, it may vary by store). The actual tots cost $1 for a set of 10, and $2 for 25.

We got our hands on some tots and made a custom build to see how we liked it. The tots are made in one of those microwave ovens 7-Eleven has in their stores, so they’re not gonna be super crispy. However, the guilty pleasure of chili, cheese, and tots was enough to satiate our taste buds.

You can find 7-Eleven Tots now at all participating locations for the aforementioned prices.

Photos: Peter Pham //Foodbeast
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Burger King Reunited The Stars Of ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ Over Some Cheese Tots

It’s been 12 years since Napoleon Dynamite enchanted America with his pocketful of tots, his charismatic best friend Pedro, and his beloved llama Tina.

The titular hero of the cult film makes his long-awaited return in a new Burger King commercial created to promote the burger chain’s new cheese tater tots.

Burger King’s ad recreates the infamous cafeteria scene where Dynamite asks his Latin friend for some tater tots. The video brings the spotlight to the returning stars more than a decade after the original scene was released.

Actors Jon Heder and Efren Ramirez reprise their roles as Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro, respectively.

You may remember that the characters also made an apperance in 2010 with a short-lived animated series, that only ran six episodes before its cancelation.

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Pizza Hut Makes Dreams Come True With A Tater Tot Crust


New Zealand once again produces a masterpiece in the form of Hash Bites Crust Pizza. Yep, it’s a pizza with tater tots.

Brand Eating reports, the tots are thrown onto the crust before going into the oven. We assume they’ll be uncooked along with the dough to make sure everything’s golden brown rather than charred.

New Zealand Patrons have the option of paying an additional $3 New Zealand ($1.95 US) to upgrade their crust with tots. You can also order the Hash Bites as a side dish if you don’t want them on your pie.

So the only thing we have to ask is:

Hey, Pizza Hut. Let me have some of your tots.

Photo: Pizza Hut NZ Facebook

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Sonic Aims for Hearts with Quarter Pound Cheesy Bacon Footlong


Sonic has added yet another hot dog to their menu. The fast food chain, specializing in drive-in dining, has developed a new hot dog aimed for both bacon and cheese lovers. It’s not too hard to guess what they’re calling it.

The Cheesy Bacon Footlong is made with a quarter pound foot-long hot dog. It’s topped with a cheddar cheese sauce and, of course, chunks of bacon. While a cheese-covered foot-long might not be the easiest thing to handle in a vehicle, it shouldn’t deter the fast food-inclined.

If anyone’s looking for a Lady and the Tramp option for this generation of fast food-loving bacon eaters, this could be the perfect candidate. You’re eating in the car with a date, who cares how cheesy it’ll look. No pun intended.

Sonic patrons can find the Cheesy Bacon Footlong at all participating Sonic locations. At $3.99, the hot dog is served as a combo with tots, the potato kind, of course.


Bacon Wrapped Tater Tot Bombs

bacon tater tot bombs

Recipe: Damn Delicious


Top 6 Instagram Food Photos This Week [06/20/12] + Bonus

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you week 3 of Foodbeast’s Top 6 Instagram Food Photos. I’m starting to see some more pictures that are tagged with #FOODBEAST, so keep it up if you are, and get on it if you aren’t!

Here’s our top 6 plus a bonus at the end.


1. Smoked Lobster & Salmon Ruben

This one is for #FOODBEAST smoked lobster and salmon Ruben — @slapfishchef


2. Instagram Cake

#foodbeast — @jackiebmorin


3. Ice Cream Afternoon

2 ice creameries and AYCE shabu shabu with ice cream at the end. Happy Faturday! — @fonglt


4. Tater Tots

tina, you fat tard. friggin’ idiot! — @justsomedude_


5. Sushi

#sam #universalstudios #rocks #rocks#water #red #rocks £ M — @makeupfaceart


6. Wall of Macarons



Here’s a little bonus picture for the week! This one was too amusing to pass up on, and I’m sure a lot of FOODBEASTS and foodies can relate.

Spider-Man Meets Instagram

Spidey wanted to take a pic of his food just so he could use the hashtag#foodporn — @thespideyman