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Takis and Totino’s Just Dropped a Cheesy Snack Bites Collab

The worlds of spicy Takis chips and cheesy Totino’s pizza rolls are combining for a new fiery and gooey snack.

The two iconic snack brands have teamed up to make Totino’s Takis Fuego Mini Snack Bites. It’s not exactly a pizza roll (no pizza sauce, just mozzarella cheese inside), but the outside packs a citrusy punch of heat with Takis Fuego seasoning.

For those who have devoured plates of both while snacking, it’ll be an interesting mix of flavors, textures, and nostalgia to see these come out of the microwave or toaster oven (which is recommended for those who want the crunch of Takis to go with that heat).

They could also make an intriguing, spicy alternative to regular pizza rolls for those craving a bit of heat.

You can find these fiery hot and cheesy bites at retailers nationwide. A pack of 60 goes for $5.

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Prep Your Freezers For Totino’s HYPE New Bacon Mac & Cheese Pizza Rolls

Photo courtesy of Totino’s.

If you’re a fan of Totino’s Pizza Rolls and also like to get down with some mac & cheese, then prepare yourself. Totino’s is coming at y’all with a mac attack unlike any other.

The frozen pizza and pizza snack brand has begun to unleash a brand new Bacon Mac & Cheese Pizza Roll upon grocery stores nationwide, and plans to have the mac-filled pockets fully stocked in grocery stores nationwide by October. Filled simply with bits of bacon, cheese, and pasta, you’ll be able to get them in packs of 40 for $3.99 or 90 for $8.79.

Totino’s is clearly hopping on the mac & cheese bandwagon with these hype new snacks, much like Burger King has done with their Mac N Cheetos or what Chick-Fil-A is doing with their new cheesy pasta side. However, Totino’s is gonna stand out with this cheesy bacon mac snack that you just have to pull (or dispense from) your freezer, heat up, and enjoy.

I can’t wait to get a pack for myself and see how they taste.


Chocolate Covered Pizza Rolls

Did you make a resolution to eat healthier in 2012? Not me. In fact, I’ve resolved to eat equally as much, if not more, ridiculously-bad-for-you goodies as I ate last year. And I started with these scrumptious, chocolate-covered puffs of “pizza in a golden crust” (Totino’s words, not mine).

Chocolate Covered Pizza Rolls


  • chocolate baking bark
  • your favorite variety of Totino’s Pizza Rolls (I used pepperoni)


  1. Follow the directions on the back of the pizza roll box. (I totally microwaved mine, but feel free to put them in the oven/toaster oven).
  2. Let the rolls cool completely.
  3. Melt your baking bark, coat the pizza rolls, and chill in fridge until set.

Easy as pie, pizza pie….in roll form and covered in chocolate.

My testers were a little unsure of what to think when it came to the taste, but overall they gave these treats a thumbs up. (And yes, I totally removed the pizza part and just ate the chocolate-covered breaded part…awesome).


Craving: The Pizza Party Pizza

Every now and then someone gets bored. I guess the Pizza Party Pizza is the obvious outcome. What we’re looking at is a DiGiorno pizza stacked on top of a Jack’s pizza, and then sprinkled with Totino’s pizza rolls. (PicThx SchizoCentral)


Totino's: Roll Into the X Games

Totino’s, the makers of some of our favorite pizza rolls, are holding a contest to allow a lucky participant a chance to get into the 2010 Winter X Games. The contestants have submitted their videos, but now it’s up to the YouTube community to vote for the winner.  You can vote until January 25th, and the 3 finalists will appear on ESPN X Center during the 2009 Winter X Games. Head over to their YouTube page to make your selections!