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Kevin Hart and The Rock Doing the Tortilla Challenge Has Us in Tears

@therock You can tell @imkevinhart has been waiting to slap the sh*t out of me with no consequences 👋🏾 😂😂 This was fun – our #dcsuperpets is IN THEATERS July 29th! #tortillachallenge ♬ original sound – The Rock

Last month, the immensely viral tortilla challenge debuted on TikTok and has since had social media in a hilarious headlock. Everyone who’s never known that they had to smack their friends with a tortilla to reach peak hilarity has now found true joy.

The Rock and Kevin Hart recently linked up to promote their upcoming movie DC Super Pets and participated in said tortilla challenge, providing some sidesplitting laughs that would have had any beverage squirting out my nose should I had been drinking anything while watching it.

Bless these two dudes endlessly comical friendship. Usually when Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart get together, it’s guaranteed that tears-inducing laughter will be the byproduct.

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Get to Know the Hilariously Viral ‘Tortilla Challenge’ TikTok

@pattysbrain101 #tortilla #tortillatrend #challenge #friendships #bestbuds #hilarious #tiktokcanada ♬ original sound – Patti Mac

Who knew all it takes to get 50 million plus views on your TikTok is slapping your friend with a tortilla? That’s the lightbulb that came to TikTok creator Patricia (Pat) McDougall AKA @pattysbrain101 when she gathered her two good friends, Michael (Bucky) Walzak and Tony Nemis, to do what they called the “Tortilla Challenge.”

The rules are simple for this challenge: Participants fill their mouths with a drink, usually water, then play rock-paper-scissors. The winner of that then gets to smack the other person with a tortilla. Whoever spits their drink out first catches the big fat L.

As seen in McDougall’s TikTok above, the results were hilarious, with the tortilla slap skyrocketing to viral status within the first 48 hours.

Any ideas who you’d love to slap with a tortilla? I know I got some names I’d like to include in this challenge.