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This Torta Goes Full Beast Mode With STACKS Of Salami And Tater Tots

The chilly streets of San Francisco just got a warming new dish that takes torta ahogada to tasty new heights.

Found at Tacorea, a downtown San Francisco spot fusing together Korean and Mexican specialties, this Tortally Beast Mode Torta comes loaded far beyond the standard sandwich. It’s based on Tacorea’s Big Ricardo, a massive wet burrito drenched in salsa, but also salutes locally-made charcuterie.

You’ll find stacks of Bay Area-made Columbus Craft Meats Italian Dry Salame and mountains of crispy tots piled inside with carnitas, guac, cheese, and pico de gallo. The entire sandwich is then covered in an ahogada sauce whose heat will wipe out any traces of the SF winter.

All of the torta’s ingredients combine to create a unique combination of sensations. The Columbus Italian Dry Salame adds an aromatic punch, while the tater tots provide a crunchy twist to the sandwich.

The Tortally Beast Mode Torta will be sure to keep your body warm and belly content while walking through San Francisco’s Winter Walk, a Union Square holiday event sponsored by Columbus Craft Meats. However, you’ll have to be quick to get it. Tacorea will be serving up limited quantities of the torta for the entire month of December.

Created in partnership with Columbus Craft Meats. 

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This Guadalajara Pizza Spot Makes EPIC Mexican-Inspired Pizzas

When traveling to a cultural and food haven like Guadalajara, Mexico, you can expect to find plenty of delicious, authentic regional fare. You may just not expect to find it in the form of a pizza.

Enter Pizzas del Perro Negro, where they have a variety of pies inspired by traditional Mexican favorites.

There’s the Torta Ahogada Pizza, which takes the spicy pork, beans, and three different ahogada salsas from Guadalajara’s signature sandwich and piles it on top of a pie with marinated onions and lime.

Pizzas del Perro Negro’s Chile Relleno Pizza comes crowned with a whole cheese-stuffed, fried chile on every slice. There’s also sour cream and a fiery red tomatillo sauce available to help capture how the chiles are typically served.

You can also get a Chilaquiles Pizza, laden with beans and a whole layer of chilaquiles made with salsa verde, chicken, onions, and cheese, topped with a healthy drizzle of sour cream.

Pizzas del Perro Negro’s Mexican pies blend together cuisines, but do so with a stroke of authenticity and technique. Their pizza base is quintessential to how contemporary pizzas should be, especially nailing that chewy, airy crust. However, the flavors are still inherently Mexican and retain that essence without sacrificing identity.

You really are getting the best of both worlds with these Mexican-inspired pizzas.

If you find yourself in other parts of Mexico, Pizzas del Perro Negro also has locations in Mexico City, Sonora, and Merida, in case you find yourself craving a slice of these mouth-watering Mexican ‘zas.

Photos by Reach Guinto

Created in partnership with Go To Guadalajara