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LA Filipino Restaurant Selling Whole Kamayan Feast Kits To Recreate At Home

The Filipino practice of kamayan essentially ditches the utensils and lets diners get into the meal by eating with their bare hands. Such a technique is the usual call to action when faced with a Filipino feast known as a boodle fight, which is a large communal spread presented on banana leaves. Dishes making up the bounty consist of traditional favorites like fried fish, grilled veggies, fresh mangoes and tomatoes, lumpia Shanghai, crispy pork belly lechon, and various barbecued meats.

This extravagant meal is usually experienced at large family parties and gatherings or in restaurant settings, but now, a whole kamayan feast can be your next weeknight dinner thanks to take-home meal kits from Silog, a Filipino restaurant in Torrance, California.

kamayan feast

“We want to continue to promote our culture through our food. Since food heals everything, it’s perfect for this unprecedented quarantine time,” states chef and owner, Lemuel Guiyab. “If people can’t go out yet and gather in restaurants, it’s all good, we can still provide everything they need for a kamayan feast right in their own home.”

To order, reservations must be made at least 48 hours in advance, with a minimum order good for four adults at $39.95 per person. The sumptuous feast is for sure a fun and unique dining experience that you can have at home to spice things up from the usual or if you have a special occasion you’d like to celebrate with the family.



Photos: Nicole Daphne

King’s Hawaiian’s Own Restaurant Is Full of Must-Try Island Favorites

Many of us have had the pleasure of biting into the warmth and sweetness of King’s Hawaiian bread. It’s a simple pleasure that never gets old and figures to stand the test of time given its level of fan loyalty and overall deliciousness. Such longevity is a hallmark of King’s Hawaiian, as it originated back in 1950 on the Big Island of Hawaii, founded by baker Robert Taira. Fast forward to 1988 in Torrance, California, when the fist King’s Hawaiian restaurant opened its doors adjacent to the bakery that was established there in 1977.

Stepping inside the King’s Hawaiian restaurant is like walking into Robert Taira’s vision of Big Island warmth brought to you via Hawaiian cuisine favorites and the brand’s signature baked goods and pastries. The vibes are all here, ready to be served up with signature hospitality and enthusiasm.

Diners here are treated to a variety of Hawaiian dishes and trademark King’s Hawaiian goods, whether it be the Luau Platter consisting of taro-wrapped lau lau pork, huli huli chicken, Kalua pork, lomi salmon, and chicken long rice or the beloved and vibrant Paradise Delight Cake, a three layer rainbow chiffon cake filled with whipped cream and topped with guava, passion, and lime fruit glaze.

Other Island favorites like saimin, musubi, and Portuguese sausage are also readily available, treating eager palates to the very essence of Island eats. After a hearty and satisfying meal, make sure to grab that iconic orange bag of sweet bread on the way out to complete the King’s Hawaiian experience.

Celebrity Grub Drinks Toasty

The ‘Marshawn Lynch’ Shot Might Be The Most Disgusting Mixture Ever


Marshawn Lynch was known for hitting people in the mouth on the football field, and making them feel his wrath The same could be said for the shot named after him.

The Hey 19 pub in Torrance, California is home to the “Marshawn Lynch Shot,” and our Worst Shots Team is still wondering why the former running back would ever drink it.

Bartender Dennis Martin said the shot came about when a group of his customers went out drinking in Seattle, where Lynch used to play. The party-goers said they spotted Lynch at a bar and tried buying him shots. The story goes that no matter what they tried to buy him, the only thing he wanted to drink was a mixture of Hennessy and Patron.

The two drinks are barely tolerable apart, but mixed together, really make for a bad time.

Our own Sean Fahmy and Rudy Chaney tried the shot and it forced Sean to make this face:


“This looks like very, very, healthy piss,” Sean said. While Rudy asked, “Why anyone would ever want to drink this, I don’t understand.”

The craziest thing, is that not a lot of work goes into it. It’s two terrible drinks,  straight out of a Tupac song, mixed together. Simple, yet deadly.

Why Marshawn would like this shot is a mystery, but we have to believe it probably contributed to his retirement last year.


22 Filthy Photos of Ramen Burger Food Porn


The ramen burger has finally made its way cross-country and whether you’ll stand in line just to try one, cook one up yourself or take to Facebook to gripe about all the idiots around you standing in line and cooking, sooner or later you’ll realize there’s no escape. So you could be a pretentious hipster downer, or you could appreciate the ramen burger for what it is: Yes, a hybrid hype food, but also kind of beautiful.



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500 Ramen Burgers Making LA Debut This Saturday


Here’s the best news you’ll read all day: the Ramen Burger is headed to Los Angeles this weekend only!

As made famous by creator Keizo Shimamoto, the Ramen Burger is set to make it’s West Coast debut in Torrance at the Mitsuwa Market this Saturday, September 7th. Shimamoto is only serving up 500 of these bad boys and “maybe some more,” so head out get there early to avoid being “that guy” who missed out on this momentous mouthwatering occasion.

As we reported last month, the Ramen Burger made it’s official US debut in New York at Smorgasburg. I managed to get a hold of one of these epicurean creations last week while on vacation in the Big Apple and here’s some truth; these delicious beings are worth the hype. Crispy on the outside but still chewy on the inside, the noodle buns are grilled with a slight crisp, while the green onion, arugula and shoyu sauce atop the beef patty bring traditional Asian flavors to an American based dish.

The burgers start flipping at 11AM. So, good luck, my fellow Angelinos!

PicThx Ashley Khawsy