Craving: Brownie Pizza


I just ate four slices of pizza and after I was done I had the biggest craving for a brownie. So then I was thinking to myself why not have both at the same time. So I spent a second on the computer and found it! A brownie pizza, made up of brownie batter, almonds, liqueur and fruit preserves in the form of a pizza. Dream big or go home. (Thx FruitsVeggies)

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Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour: First Orange County Location

Today the wait is over because the shops at Mission Viejo will be opening doors to a 7,300-square-foot restaurant and ice cream shop. Although there’s a Farrell’s in Santa Clarita, the Mission Viejo restaurant will be the first of several “original concept” parlours planned in California. (Thx Fastfoodmaven)


Golden Spoon: Orange

Elie and I made a quick run to Golden Spoon in Orange the other day. It was a perfect day outside and the yogurt was just as good. Elie makes his combo of frozen yogurt and chocolate syrup magical but getting low-fat syrup, with some extra on the side.