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For The First Time Ever, Yogurtland Is Serving Ice Cream

For froyo fans, Yogurtland has always been on the cutting edge of deliciousness and craveability. Now, starting August 29, Yogurtland will be giving ice cream lovers a sweet reason to celebrate, as it is adding two ice cream flavors to the menu.

Yogurtland is the originator of several unique froyo flavors, like Spicy Sweet Chili Mango Sorbet and Fresh Strawberry, which can now be combined with premium chocolate or vanilla ice cream.

Considering the more than 50 different fruit, candy, cereal, nuts and cookies toppings to choose to choose from, Yogurtland just added to its endless list of completely customizable flavor combinations.

“One of the many joys for Yogurtland fans is to build their creation to perfectly suit their taste buds,” said John Carlson, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Development and Operations at Yogurtland. “Now, froyo fanatics and ice cream lovers alike will have the chance to do so, all under one roof at Yogurtland.”

There’s nothing quite like having the ability to build your own sweet, swirly masterpiece, with indulgent toppings strategically piled high. Now with serve-yourself-ice cream options available, there are no limitations to personalizing your own hand-crafted Yogurtland experience.

Grab your friends and head down to your nearest Yogurtland, before this limited time offer melts away.

Photos by Analiese Trimber

Created in partnership with Yogurtland


Why Everyone Is Suddenly Talking About This Crazy ‘Vulkan’ Pizza


A pizzeria in Sweden has created the ultimate pie. Found at Nya Gul & Bla, the Vulkan pizza combines all your favorite toppings into one. While you can technically get that anywhere, the Vulkan sections everything off so you can enjoy it piece by piece.

Toppings include steak, bacon, pepperoni, salad and fries. Dipping sauces are even included for patrons to enjoy. It honestly sounds and looks like heaven.

According to BuzzFeed UK, the restaurant owners wanted to create something new that would catch the attention of customers. It was definitely a success as a single photo of the pizza garnered more than 13,000 likes and 3,000 shares on Facebook.

The Vulkan costs about 120 kronor which translates to about $15.

Photo: Nya Gul & Bla


The Ultimate Guide To Every Hot Dog Style From Around The World


Sometimes, nothing beats a simple hot dog. Throw a little mustard, ketchup, or relish on that bad boy and that’s all you need to satiate those cravings. However, if you like to jazz up your hot dog a bit, there’s now a style guide to how folks eat their hot dogs from all around the world.

Food Republic created a comprehensive guide to every hot dog style imaginable. Here’s 40 of the most popular toppings around. Enjoy.


Image Courtesy of Food Republic


You Can Now Order Pizza with Your Eyes, Thanks Technology


Technology is bananas. We live in a time where paying your bills is a finger swipe away and smell-o-vision is reality. Although, they’re still titillating us with that hover board. Well it looks like society has taken another technological leap forward, because we can now order pizzas with our eyes.

Pizza Hut UK is testing eye-tracking technology at select locations. Utilizing high-speed cameras and graphic processors, the technology gauges the spot where the eyes fall through the measurement of infrared light. This allows customers to choose pizza toppings simply by looking at the options available.

Combining a tablet with an eye tracker, 20 pizza toppings are displayed on screen. As you scan through them, the tracker measures the amount of time you spend on each one and presents a subconscious choice for you to approve. So, it’s capable of anticipating customers’ choices before they even utter a single word.

As the narrator in the video below dryly describes it, “It’s like magic without the weirdness.”

h/t The Conversation


13 Things You Didn’t Know About Pizza [INFOGRAPHIC]


Cheesy. Melty. Meaty. Greasy. Everything about pizza is glorious. From its crispy, buttered crust to that hot layer of mozzarella. Of course, even this global favorite has some things you probably don’t know about it. I suppose its the savory pie’s way of keeping things, er, exciting.

The infographic below offers some curious facts about global pizza consumption. Apparently, if you took all the restaurants around the world, you’d find that 17 percent of them are pizzerias; men who answer the door wearing muscle shirts order pepperoni 3 times more than other pizza. How you interpret the latter is up to you. There’s also a quick breakdown of popular pizza toppings around the world — from sunnyside up egg in Germany to coconut in Costa Rica.

Get hungry, below:


Picthx Grande Pizza Co.


Oktoberfest Stout-Flavored Frozen Yogurt Has Hints of ‘Hops’


If you think your October was just starting to wind down, think again. 16 Handles released a new Oktoberfest Stout flavor, and it’s all you’ve ever wanted from dessert — think beer and cold, creamy froyo. The flavor is “a new spin on artisan flavor by merging the dessert-like base notes of Oatmeal Stout craft beer with farm-fresh dairy. The result is a creamy and earthy blend of Fro-Yo with familiar hints of hops and barley.”

It’s also low fat, so you can get your brew on without all the calories. We recommend topping this brew-flavored froyo with a generous helping of peanuts, which sounds to us like the perfect bar snack.


Meta Pizza

All of your favorite pizzas in mini form on a gigantic pizza! Pineapple, olives, mushrooms, pepperoni, and a lot lot more other toppings make this pizza what it is! (Thx TIWYH)


Pandagrub: Asiadog NYC

My man Panda is at it again with this dope hot dog choice from Asiadog NYC. This is called the ‘ITO’ and it consists of a hot dog in a bun covered in japanese curry and topped with homemade kimchi apples. I’ve never had either of those toppings but man do they sound amazing!