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Watch These Food Delivery Guys Freak Out Over Topless Girls At The Door

Delivery drivers never know what’s going to happen when the customer opens that door. For all they know, there can be a smiling face, or an angry, shit-faced asshole with a knife on the other side.

While this prank on “Break” was a bit shocking for the delivery drivers, it wasn’t harmful. Well, unless they got traumatized by the site of a female’s body au naturel.

As multiple food delivery guys arrived at this house — which apparently happens to be occupied by three bombshell women who walk around in lingerie — they were greeted by bare breasts every time.

Whenever one of the girls opened the door, at some point in the interaction, they dropped their tops and showed off their assets, while the deliver drivers just watched in awe.

If only all deliveries were this cheerful, and not filled with fear for one’s life.


Coffee Shop Owner Claims Her Revenues Doubled After Adding Topless Women As Baristas

Many coffee drinkers in the Evergreen State get a view along with their morning caffeine.

In their newest video (above), restaurant guide Zagat highlights the growing trend of drive-thru coffee stands worked by topless and bikini-clad baristas — both women and men — in Spokane, Washington.

Topless female baristas, like the ones at Bare Beans Expresso, wear just pasties over their nipples. According to a separate report from ABC News, the trend started in Seattle in 2007.

“We are selling coffee,” barista Kiersten Silva told ABC. “Just coffee with a pretty smile, maybe, and some boobie action sometimes.”

In 2013, men aged between 18 and 54 spent almost $7 billion on coffee from drive-thru coffee stands, according to market research company Studylogic. Adding half-naked women to the mix means a “huge difference” to the bottom line, according to Sarah Birnel, who owned three Spokane bikini barista stands in 2013.

“It makes way more money, definitely,” she told ABC. “I would say close to 100 percent more.”

Many in Spokane, however, disagree with the nudity employed by some coffee sellers. Through the years, they’ve protested, lobbied councilmen and started petitions to try to get clothes on the barely clad baristas. All of those efforts, however, have failed.

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A Spokane ordinance that proposed local stands put up signs warning customers that their employees are not fully clothed even failed to pass in June, according to the Inlander.

No word yet on whether Starbucks plans to join in on the topless barista trend in their home state.

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This Topless Beer Can Is Making Us Blush



Sly Fox Brewing Company in Pennsylvania has just debuted a “topless” beer can designed to allow the “full flavor and aroma of the beer to hit the drinker’s senses,” according to Yeah buddy, we can think of at least a couple other topless things we’d love to just smack us in the face, ifyouknowhatimean.

Dubbed the “360 Lid,” the technology is basically the top of a soup can, but for beer, and without all the scary slicey bits. Jim Galligan of Today describes hesitantly running his mouth and fingers all over the opened lid, but eventually emerging from the endeavor completely unscathed.


“Once the lid is removed, consumers do not come into contact with any rough edges as they drink from the can,” Brian Thiel, a regional sales manager, told Today.

The result is a 1.75 inch wide recyclable beer cup that lets you either pour your drink into another cup much faster (if you’re into that) or chug chug chug your brewski the way it was meant to be.

Find the lid in New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey on the company’s Helles Golden Lager and then send us a couple because the East Coast always gets the good stuff.

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Canada: Chooses Bacon Over Sex

We all know how much Canadians love their bacon, but maybe just a little too much? In a recent study conducted by Maple Leaf Foods, 43% of the respondents said they would rather eat bacon than have sex. Apparently the survey also found out that 82% (4 out of 5) of the people who said they love bacon also said they are good lovers. And about 25% (1 in 4) of the respondents have wondered if ‘my partner loves bacon more than me’. Now if only someone could create a bacon flavored lube..oh wait there is, check after the jump for the picture.