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This Hands-Free Toothbrush Will Brush Your Teeth In 10 Seconds

Working in any facet of the food industry, having clean and healthy teeth is a must, especially if you fear the dentist more than a late-night visit from Satan himself.

The new Amabrush is supposed to change the teeth-brushing game completely. Apparently it’s the world’s first “hands-free” tooth brush that is capable of brushing your teeth in a mere ten seconds.

There are three parts that make up the gadget: the mouthpiece, the hand piece, and the toothpaste capsule.

Made from antibacterial silicon with built-in micro channels, the mouthpiece connects to the handpiece, which creates strong vibrations needed to get your brush going correctly. Each toothpaste capsule is FDA approved and should last users about a month.

Because the average person should spend about 180 seconds brushing their teeth twice a day, the device is estimated to save them about 100 days worth of time.

If you’re interested in cutting your toothbrushing time in half, or wish to give your teeth that extra TLC needed from all those hours spent stuffing your face, you can find out more about the Amabrush on their Kickstarter page.


3D-Printed Toothbrush Brushes Your Teeth In 6 Seconds Flat


If sparing a minute or two to clean those pearly whites isn’t in the cards, there’s Blizzident –the extra fast brushing device.

This 3D custom model of users’ mouths is fit with hundreds of tiny bristles, about 10 times more than an everyday toothbrush. Blizzident also has a floss holder and small holes to thread it through, allowing for simultaneous brushing + flossing action. And — last but not least — the tongue-scraping feature ensures minty fresh breathe post use. The best part? All you have to do is gently bite and grind your teeth for 6 seconds to achieve the same results as you would brushing 3 minutes normally.


Blizzident should be replaced just once a year, because if you think about it, you’d only be using it for a few minutes in total every 365 days. Although, it’ll set you back three bills, so maybe your good ol’ toothbrush will do for now.

Blizzident teeth-cleaner, $299 @Blizzident

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Nihilist Toothpaste is Like Brushing Your Teeth With Reality


You’re definitely not interested in this. You’re too busy burying your head in a Dostoyevsky novel, lamenting the materialism of the world, caring about nothing, existing in an endless, unchanging vacuum. But if, by some small chance, you are, then let me direct your attention to Nihilist Toothpaste, for the nihilist in you.

No flavor, no color, and minimalist packaging make this small tube unassuming and unexciting, perfect for someone who doesn’t believe in flavor, or anything really. And while the commercial is pretty heavy handed with its nothingness pitch, it almost seems like they actually want you to buy something. How very capitalist of them. But do what you want. Go back to negating all the meaningful aspects of life, like minty fresh breath, and see if I care.

Nihilist Toothpaste, $5 @Archie McPhee

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This ‘Caffeinated Toothbrush’ is Just One Step Below a Caffeinated Pillow


Is there no end to our caffeine dependency? We can’t even be bothered to drag ourselves out of bed, pick an outfit, get changed, do our hair, brush our teeth, walk into the kitchen, grab a cup and flip a switch before getting our coffee fix?

Yeah, okay, that actually does sound pretty hard.

To help cut down on the oppressive delay between opening your eyes in the morning and giving your body the fuel to even do so, Colgate has recently revealed plans for a toothbrush with a built-in caffeine patch, that would release the chemical while you brush your teeth.

According to the Daily Mail, caffeine is just one of a range of specialized patches Colgate has in the works. Others include mint and apple flavored ones, ones that release aspirin and even a “diet toothbrush” which would release an appetite suppressant.

I think I’d prefer a coffee that cleans my teeth for me (and doesn’t leave bad coffee breath behind), thanks.

H/T + PicThx Daily Mail