Kenan & Kel Reunited In Epic ‘GOOD BURGER’ Sketch [WATCH]


One of our favorite All That sketches in the ’90s was Good Burger. The wacky antics of the lovable register jockey Ed, played by Kel Mitchell, was so successful that it led to a Good Burger movie in 1997. Now, nearly 20 years later, late-night host Jimmy Fallon is bringing the band back together.

In last night’s episode of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Fallon had a sketch where he reminisced about his time working at the fictional burger chain. There, guest star Mitchell reprises his role as Ed.

It’s like he never left the role. So munch nostalgia packed into seven minutes. Check out the clip below as Fallon reunites Mitchell with his former costar Kenan Thompson.


Kobe and Jimmy Fallon Recall Their Epic Beer Run in ’96


It’s 2015 and the names Kobe Bryant and Jimmy Fallon have practically become household names. Flashback nearly two decades when the two were barely starting their careers and what you might have is a pretty hilarious story of two kids going on a beer run.

Laker legend Kobe Bryant recently made a guest appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. During the interview, the two began to reminisce about one of the first times they hung out together back in 1996. The two, new-to-Los Angeles personalities had their own little adventure trying to procure alcohol for a party.

Did a 22-year-old Fallon buy booze for 18-year-old Kobe?

Check out the clip below.

Celebrity Grub

Celebrity Grub: Bruce Willis Feeds Letterman His Meat Hair

Bruce Willis is no longer bald! This Die Hard playa is able to grow a nice set of ground beef on his head, and just in time for the fall to keep him warm. You have to give it up for B.Willis for his Gaga-ness and his sense of humor. The man is straight up gangster, ’nuff said. While on David Letterman’s Tonight Show, Willis offered Letterman a piece of his meat (???) which pretty much leads to Letterman choking on it (???). I’m not trying to sound filthy, but it’s just writing itself. Enjoy.