New Study Shows ‘FATTY’ Might Be The Sixth Taste Sensation


We’re all familiar with the five sensations of taste. You’ve got sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami. It turns out, scientists have added a sixth  to the list: fatty.

A research team at Purdue have found that taste receptors also recognize fat, the Washington Post reports. Fat on the tongue acts precisely the way flavor sensations like salty and sweet do when people perceive food. The team tested a group of participants and gave them foods that strongly featured the five staple tastes, along with the addition of the taste of fat.

The participants were able to distinguish the differences between foods with a fatty taste and the traditional ones.

With more research, it’s more than likely we can develop something that stimulates the taste of fat, without actually having to eat too much of it. As the experiment concluded, the team believe that there aren’t a set number of taste sensations, rather an infinite amount. As we all know, taste is incredibly complex and amazing.



You Want Me to Pick Up That Cookie with My What? [HUMOR]


It’s always funny when people use a wrong word totally thinking it’s the right word. Like when you try to insult someone and instead of voicing their resentment, they bite back with a pithy, “Hey, I resemble that remark!”

And that’s pretty much what happened here, in this photo by blogger Arbroath in which some bakery or restaurant owner probably meant to ask guests to pick up their cookies with “tongs” instead of using their bare, dirty hands.

Unless of course they actually meant tongues, in which case I’m wondering how on earth they manage to teach dogs how to read.

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Magical Healing Oral Strips – Soothing Relief for the Next Time You Burn Your Tongue

Come on, you know it’s going to happen. Either you’ll forget or think, “It can’t be that hot,” and before you know it, the top of your tongue will feel like a brillo pad and the rest of your coffee or pizza or cup noodles will be, sadly, tasteless.

Well, scientists are getting real tired of your sh*t, and have taken it upon themselves to develop a new dissolvable oral strip that will provide instant relief for burns caused by eating hot things much too quickly. (I mean, is it really that hard to wait a minute?)

Akin to breath freshening strips, the new strips can be applied directly to nearly any affected area in the mouth and are non-toxic, dissolving quickly for immediate pain relief and to promote healing. No word yet on whether the strips will be commercialized or available for purchase any time soon.

Good news though, lead researcher Jason McConville and his team are now working on creating a stronger strip to treat more “severe” burns which have persisted for more than 2 days.

Chronic tongue burners rejoice, you sick, sadistic freaks.

[Via Geekologie]