For One Day Only, Tommy’s Will Sell Its Famous Chiliburgers For 70 Cents


Who: Original Tommy’s Burger

What: In celebration of Original Tommy’s 70th birthday, the burger chain will be offering a Tommy’s chiliburger as well as a can of soda for only 70 cents. Even better, they put the cap at five a customers instead of the usual one.

The burger spot opened in 1946 and has become our go-to spot to cure those late-night chili cheese cravings.

Where: While there are many Tommy’s locations, the only ones that’ll honor the 70-cent meal deal will be the OG spot at Beverly and Rampart Blvd in California.

When: Sunday, May 15.

Photo: Original Tommy’s Facebook


Craving: Tommy's Triple Chili Cheese Burger

Three levels of meat, even more levels of cheese, and the amazing Tommy’s chili reciple nestled between two buns that barely do their job. This looks like a pretty decent last meal…(Thx MarkLim)


Tommy's Original Chili Factory @ Food 4 Less

Starting January 1st, 2009, Tommy’s Original Chili will be made available at Food 4 Less locations everywhere. Branded by the son of the original founder, Tommy, Tommy Koulax Jr. provides this product to share his own classic food with people everywhere. Now you can have Tommy’s famous chili wherever you go! On a side note, remember we mentioned earlier this month that this new grocery chili is not affiliated or supported by the actual restaurant? If you don’t remember, this article should clear up that confusion. Eat on!


Chili Wars

It has begun. The son of the founder of Original Tommy’s has taken his father’s original meat-only chili recipe and launched a website dedicated to selling it: Tommy’s Original Chili Factory. The 67 year old son, Tommy Koulax Jr., learned of the recipe as his father blossomed his Los Angeles burger stand in 1946 to a respected restaurant destination today. The vice president of operations at Tommy’s, Robert Casteaneda, states, “This is not part of our company and we don’t support the Web site or any of the business”, Ouch, them is fighting words eh? Regardless, this product should be made available outside the confines of the web store, and in supermarkets in 2009. (Thx FastFoodMaven)

Would we be a terrible “media” site if we said…”Let the war begin!”