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Cleveland Restaurant Ships Milkshake 375 Miles As Woman’s Last Wish

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A Cleveland, Ohio restaurant stepped up in a big way when they found out one of its customers had a last involving one of its milkshakes.

Emily Pomeranz was a Cleveland native, who was unfortunately placed in hospice care way out in Arlington, Virginia due to pancreatic cancer. Her good friend Sam Klein tried his best to grant every request that came from Pomeranz, and aside from a Cleveland Indians hat, Pomeranz really wished she could have at least one last milkshake from a Cleveland diner called Tommy’s Restaurant.

The two had grown up in Cleveland, and the Tommy’s milkshake is a staple in the Ohio city. While it seemed almost impossible to get her one last shake, Klein contacted Tommy’s to see if anything could be done.

Tommy’s immediately responded by saying, “Yes. We will figure out a way to do this,” and sure enough, although they were 375 miles away, they made their way to a UPS facility and actually got that milkshake into Pomeranz’s hands before her untimely death this July.

Klein told the story on his Facebook page, with a picture of Pomeranz, ecstatic to be holding her Tommy’s milkshake. Klein said that Pomeranz and her family were extremely grateful to get such a special request granted, and they talked about it for days.

We often take for granted the uncanny ability food has to bring people together, and this story went above and beyond to remind us all of it. As long as there’s love, and selflessness involved, the way both Klein and Tommy’s showed, the food will always taste much better.