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For 16 Years, People Legitimately Thought Ketchup Was Medicine

If you ever have a headache, bad cough, or pain in your neck just reach for your ketchup bottle.

Just kidding, that’s a terrible idea, but there was a time when people thought Ketchup had healing components, according to Fast Company.

When Dr. John Cook Bennett created a recipe for tomato ketchup in 1834, he advertised it as a medicine that cured you of diarrhea, jaundice, indigestion, and rheumatism. He even made the ketchup into pills, which made it seem even more legit.

We’ve all eaten ketchup, and know that’s clearly all nonsense, but until 1850, people were flocking to ketchup to cure their ills.

The reason this scam eventually ended was because imitators started making their own bootleg ketchup medicine, making even crazier claims, saying it’d cure scurvy and mended bones, and people eventually started calling bullshit.

Tomatoes do carry antioxidants and vitamin C, but don’t expect to chug a bottle of ketchup and feel like a million bucks after. Trust me.

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5 Ways To Get Rid Of Smelly Garlic Fingers


We’ve all worked with garlic in the kitchen before. While an incredibly delicious and essential ingredient, the tiny onion (yes, it’s an onion) tends to leave your hands smelling pretty bad long after you put down the cutting board.

As you may know, soap does pretty much nothing and the smell can linger for the rest of the day unless the appropriate action is taken.

If you want to make sure your hands smell the freshest they could possibly be after mincing, smashing, peeling, or pureeing some garlic, check out these fives ways to get rid of that odor from your fingers.


Stainless Steel


Stainless steel is one of the most popular ways to get the garlic smell out of the way without wasting any other food resources. Rubbing your fingers, after handling garlic, on the flat side of a knife or the inside of your sink works.

We recommend the inside of a sink or even your faucet. That way, there’s less of a chance that you’ll accidentally cut yourself.

Lemon Juice


It’s always a good idea to keep some lemon wedges around when in the kitchen. After working with garlic, squeeze a generous amount on your fingers and rub them together. You’ll get the smell off in no time.

The only downside is if you happen to accidentally cut yourself when working with the un-peeled cloves. Then it’s gonna burn.

Coffee Grounds


There’s nothing like waking up to the aroma of fresh coffee brewing in the morning. So if you can’t get your hands to stop smelling like garlic, maybe you can get them to smell like something else more pleasant.

Coffee grounds can also exfoliate your skin, helping get rid of the garlic funk quicker. Just dunk your fingers in some excess grounds and rub them around for a minute before rinsing them off.



Think of it as washing your hands with soap and water. Once finished with the garlic, apply a generous amount of salt to your hands and scrub them diligently. The smell should disappear as you rinse your hands with warm water. Like the lemon juice, however, make sure you don’t have any fresh cuts to your hands before adding the salt.

You can also wear gloves when working with garlic, but where’s the fun in that.

Tomato Juice


A common solution when getting skunked, the bright-red liquid that comes from the tomato can work wonders when trying to get rid of unwanted odors. If you’re in a pinch, soak your hands in some tomato juice for a few minutes until the smell dissipates from your fingers.


This Guy Deep-Fried Tomato Soup Into His Grilled Cheese Balls, The Results Were Stunning


Nick at DudeFoods found his way into an arts and crafts store one afternoon and came out of it with a cake pop mold. He immediately began to tinker with ideas on what to cook with it. Like the internal workings of a clock he came up with:

Tomato Soup Stuffed Grilled Cheese Balls.

Taking a syringe, he added the tomato soup into the molds and placed them in the freezer. Once the soup balls were formed, he wrapped a layer of bread-cheese-bread around them. Basting it in butter, the balls were thrown into the deep fryer until a nice golden-brown color was formed.

Amazing.  Just be careful when you take the first bite. Maybe let them cool a bit first.


NEW BRUNCH IDEA: Sparkling Tomato Booze


Mmmmm summer. Time for tomatoes, sunshine, and plenty of fizzy cold drinks. But, um, why not mix all three into one epic summer adventure? If you’re a fan of tomatoes, or tomato juice, we might have just the thing. There’s a new drink in Japan called Toma Toma and if the name didn’t give it away, we will. Toma Toma, made by Suntory, is sparkling tomato juice, but with a twist; it contains about 4% alcohol. Bet you didn’t see that coming. Or maybe you did, you sneaky mom.

Toma Toma advertises itself as a “simple and stylish” soda, fusing “tomato sweetness and soda water” for a refreshing combination. But honestly, let’s be real here, because we’re all thinking one thing and one thing only. Sparkling Bloody Mary’s, a Caprese salad, and maybe some bacon on a stick. Sounds a perfect summer picnic and/or day drinking session to us.

H/T RocketNews

Fast Food

Taco Bell Uses Shrink Ray to Test $1 Crunchwrap Sliders


Before the gimmicks, before Doritos, before taco waffles, there was Taco Bell’s Crunchwrap: a humble bit of fast food ingenuity, that combined everything decent about fake Mexican food into one neat, catchily named package. So, yes, you can say we’re a little excited about this.

Out in Ohio, Taco Bell is currently testing — has been testing for a least a month now — a new line of mini Crunchwraps they’re calling Crunchwrap Sliders, because screw real food categories, right? Like the original Crunchwrap, these guys take a firm, folded tortilla and stuffed it with your choice of beef and cheddar, barbecue chipotle chicken, or bacon, lettuce, and tomato fillings, but in a size barely larger than an open adult palm. Instead of the original taco shell round, the sliders also get their crunch from a nice helping of Fritos chips, presumably for size reasons, but maybe also because the tiny corn curls were feeling left out of big brother Doritos’ party.

Either way, if you’re in the area, you can grab yours for just $1, or all three for less than a cost of a regular Crunchwrap (about $3.29).

H/T Big J Reviews + Picthx @JohnTaylor84


Amazing Plant Grows Both Tomatoes and Potatoes, AKA Ketchup and Fries


Imagine a world where your favorite food combos could grow on one plant. A chicken and waffle tree, perhaps? Or maybe a Nutella crepe bush? Well, science is getting it all started with the TomTato plant — a vine of cherry tomatoes attached to potato roots. Or, as I like to see it, the ketchup and fries plant.

So maybe it’s not as indulgent as the former suggestions, but I think we can all agree this is one cool creation by horticultural company Thompson & Morgan. Apparently, tomatoes and potatoes are in the same plant family (and they call the former a fruit, bah!), so the combination actually makes sense.

The science behind it goes something like this: the fruit and vegetable are initally planted and grown separately, but after a few weeks, the tomatoes are cut off the stem. Then they’re matched up to potato stems, eventually fusing together to create nutritional pathways. Both foods remain just as they would solo, the only difference being shared energy sources. Thus, the TomTato is born!

Check it out in action below:

Now that we’ve had our daily dose of science, where the ketchup and fries at?!

H/T NBC News 


Ripe Tomato Hairstyle is More Hipster Than Thou


Tomatoes are delicious and go great with everything from bacon weave bowls to eggy Spanglish sandwiches. (What did you think we were going to say, “Arugula salads”? Get outta here!) They also protect you from dick cancer, which is always awesome. So, it only makes sense that these mouthwatering  fruits finally get the credit they deserve via . . . hair. Hey, baby steps.

While this “Ripe Tomato” hairstyle is created by hipster-central Hiro of Osaka-based salon Trick Store, Brian of Kotaku notes that the ‘do hasn’t gone mainstream, yet. Japan has been on the forefront of reality-bending hair trends for eons, so this little tomato is actually on the tamer side. Although, if it was edible, that would be some next level sh*t.

H/T Laughing Squid + PicThx Kotaku


H/T Laughing Squid + PicThx Kotaku

Packaged Food

Heinz Spices it Up With New Jalapeño Ketchup

Heinz Company is kicking off Cyber Monday this year with an exciting new ketchup flavor and Facebook promotion. Starting in January of 2013, Heinz will be offering a jalapeño-flavored version of their classic tomato variety. Can’t wait that long? Don’t worry, if you’re a Heinz Facebook fan, you can get your fix early. According to a recent press release, you  can celebrate the “12 Days of Jalapeño Ketchup,” by purchasing the curious condiment exclusively through Facebook starting November 26-December 7.

Although jalapeño-infused condiments aren’t necessarily a groundbreaking idea, this will be a nice addition to the Heinz ketchup family, alongside of its current “Heinz Hot & Spicy Ketchup,” which features Tabasco sauce.

So hit up Facebook next week to be the first in line to get your hands on a bit of this spicy delight. 14 oz. glass bottles will be sold for $4.99 (including shipping), and if you order between two and five bottles, you get one free! Not a bad idea to stock up for the year, or give away a few during your office Secret Santa exchange.

Bonus: If you order between 5 a.m. EST on November 26 and 3 a.m. EST on November 27, you could be one of 350 lucky winners to get a free Heinz holiday ornament! It’s the little things in life.

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