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Tom Brady Can Outdrink You, And It’s Not Even Close [WATCH]

Once upon a time, NFL MVP Tom Brady was a college student, and aside from forming an incredible football skillset at the University of Michigan, it seems he picked up an incredible drinking skillset, as well.

While on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Handsome Tom talked about his TB12 Method diet, and how he doesn’t consume certain things anymore, one of them being beer. Upon hearing this, Colbert magically pulled out a couple glasses of beer, challenging Tom on the spot to a chugging contest.

Despite the rarity of Brady even having a beer these days, it was no contest, as he took down the entire glass in one quick gulp.


Brady slammed down the glass, took an extra sip of the remnants, and just patiently waited for Colbert to finish his glass, making him look like an amateur.

You can tell Colbert was giving it a real effort, too, but as we all know by now, Brady is a beast at everything he does, and apparently that extends to frat boy drinking games.

Brady might be one of the most competitive humans on the planet, and if you want to come at him in a chugging contest, good luck. He’s got a championship pedigree and I  put money on him every time, no matter how good of a drinker you think you are.

Colbert looked like he was in pain after, while Brady just calmly sat there like chugging beer was a favorite pastime of his.

While it’s easy to hate on the football legend, you have to respect his lack of gag reflex.

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Watch Tom Brady Casually Feed David Blaine Shards Of Glass

I think it’s a common fact that David Blaine’s a f*cking psychopath, as he routinely puts his body through torturous stunts, convincing the world that he is the devil.

One of Blaine’s favorite pastimes seems to be freaking out celebrities, as he has swallowed live fish in front of the likes of Dave Chappelle, and pierced an ice pick through his hand while Kanye West confusingly looked on.

His latest celebrity stunt involved shards of glass and five-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady.

Brady posted a video to his Instagram account, showing himself feeding Blaine shards of glass in his kitchen, seemingly for another one of the magician’s specials. I’m not exactly a nutritionist, but I don’t think pieces of glass are part of a normal person’s balanced diet.

Brady said in the post:

When I tell you the man eats glass, I mean, THE MAN EATS GLASS!!! @davidblaine you did it this time, you hit the jackpot! Warning – kids DO NOT do this at home. He is a trained professional and a GOAT!

Brady didn’t freak out like most of his famous counterparts have in the past, but then again, his job is to stay calm and collected while 230-pound humans try their best to hurt him.

Blaine then posted a photo to Instagram, showing himself, Brady, Gisele Bundchen, and Luciano Huck with big smiles, like there wasn’t a glass-eating sociopath using his demon powers in the Brady household.

Great day shooting with @gisele @tombrady @lucianohuck

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We’ll probably never know how Blaine was able to chew through glass without killing himself, but I’d like to think Blaine revealed his secrets to Brady, in exchange for Brady’s ball deflating secrets.

h/t brobible