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Japanese Hotel’s $900 Wagyu Steak-Topped Burger Pays Tribute To Country’s New ‘Reiwa’ Era

It’s literally the end of an era in Japan right now. When Emperor Akihito abdicates his throne at the end of April, a new Emperor, Naruhito, will take his place. This will end Japan’s Heisei Era and mark the start of a new one, the Reiwa Era.

As a result, the entire country is abuzz with celebrations that both celebrate and commemorate the Heisei period while building up hype for a brand new start come May 1st. One of the more grandiose food celebrations comes courtesy of the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Tokyo, whose Golden Giant Burger at the Oak House Steakhouse heralds in the new era.

Photo courtesy of the Grand Hyatt Tokyo

Weighing a solid 3 kilograms (over 6 pounds), the beefy burger comes with standard accoutrements like aioli, tomato, lettuce, and cheddar. Then come the unconventional ones, like sliced Kuroge Wagyu beef steak, foie gras, a generous helping of truffles shaved tableside, and a gold-dusted bun.

The burger comes with salad and fried potato wedges, alongside a magnum of champagne, red wine, or white wine. In total, the entire meal costs about 100,000 yen ($900 US) and can feed 6-8 people.

Photo courtesy of the Grand Hyatt Tokyo

In a way, this burger is an absolutely fitting manner in which to celebrate the new Emperor’s coronation. That event marks the beginning of the Reiwa Era, and “Reiwa” in Japanese translates to “Beautiful Harmony.” The imagery of the gold-dusted bun as well as the exquisite flavors paired with the burger can definitely evoke those emotions. Its size and fancier ingredients also call to the regality of an occasion like the start of a new period in Japanese history.

To celebrate this transitional period, the Grand Hyatt Tokyo’s Oak Door Steakhouse will have this burger on the menu until June 30th. Reservations for it are required 3 days in advance.

[h/t SoraNews24]

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Usain Bolt Has New Gig As CEO Of Maison Mumm Champagne

When superstar athletes decide to retire, the question is often, “So, what’s next?” For Usain Bolt, its a run straight to the boardroom as Chief Entertainment Officer of Maison Mumm, makers of G.H. Mumm Champagne.

Installed as “CEO” last year, Bolt has been inspiring the world with his signature celebrations. This latest production shows off his dancing skills, as the legendary sprinter is versed in other talents with his feet.

Directed by Luis Cervero (Pharell Williams, Justice, etc.), the video also features former Jamaican Miss Universe contestant Yendi Philipps in an up-to-the-minute expression of Maison Mumm’s signature values of “Dare. Win. Celebrate.”

Recently, Bolt made an appearance in Tokyo at the Japanese launch of the Mumm Grand Cordon cuvee. He unveiled a bottle design that embodies Mumm’s affinity with daring achievers everywhere.

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12 Restaurants Around the World to Try Before You Die

While most people travel to see the wonders of the world, we go mostly for the food. After all, it’s a pretty great way to experience the culture of an unfamiliar land. But since this world is so large and diverse, it’s hard to decide where to focus your culinary efforts, especially when abroad. Since we always have your back, here’s our list of restaurants around the world you (and your stomach) need to visit.

Osteria del Matto // Spoleto, Italy

Inviting entry to Osteria del Matto in Spoleto. #osteriadelmatto #spoleto #umbria #italy #marcyandmom

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Hidden in the hills of Spoleto, Italy is a tiny restaurant called Osteria del Matto, which translates to something along the lines of “restaurant of the madman.” This is fitting, as there isn’t really a menu – the food served is just whatever the chef feels like making that day. Chances are this will involve several staple items founds in the Umbrian region, or fried ricotta cheese, because it’s just that delicious.

Cafe du Monde // New Orleans, Louisiana, USA


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Cafe du Monde is one of the OG beignet establishments in the Big Easy. Chances are you’ve heard of it, but if not, you need to get your behind to New Orleans, stat. These fluffy balls of fried dough doused with as much powdered sugar your little heart desires is a sight to be tasted and relished for all of eternity. You might have to wait in line for a bit, but it’s worth it – we promise.

The French Laundry // Yountville, California, USA

Happy National Truffle Day!🍄 #truffle #tortellini #cooking #food #betterthanchocolate

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Thomas Keller is one of the most influential chefs on the planet today, and The French Laundry is his primary brainchild. Located in Yountville, California in the midst of Napa Valley, this restaurant has more accolades than we can even recount in one sitting. This six-hour meal incorporating the most pristine produce California has to offer is something everyone should experience in their lifetime.  

Sukiyabashi Jiro // Tokyo, Japan

A post shared by A Perfect Dish (@aperfectdish) on

When a restaurant is awarded three stars by the Michelin Guide, you know it’s pretty legit. In fact, former President Obama dined there and apparently said, “That’s some good sushi right there,” as he walked out. The main perks of dining at this restaurant are some of the most noteworthy sushi dishes on the planet, prepared by Chef Jiro. Yeah, that Chef Jiro from the documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi. Need we say more?

Joe’s Kansas City BBQ // Kansas City, Kansas, USA

There seems to be an ongoing barbecue dispute throughout the United States, and it totally depends on where you’re from. North Carolina? You’re probably down for whole hog, smoked BBQ. Texas? You’re all about the brisket, hot link, and sauce. But no matter what kind of BBQ tickles your fancy, it’s hard to deny the luscious goodness of ribs and burnt ends from Joe’s Kansas City BBQ. Folks come from near and far for this crack in the form of meat, and we don’t blame them. As a matter of fact, everyone’s favorite globetrotting foodie authority, Anthony Bourdain, named Joe’s as one of the 13 places one needs to eat at before they die.

Le Jules Verne // Paris, France

#lejulesverne #paris French cuisine and views of Paris from the Eiffel Tower. #travelerreviews #заметки_путешественника

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There are plenty of incredible chefs that have come from France, but Alain Ducasse tops the list. For God’s sake, the man has 21 Michelin stars. He’s basically a saint. And one of Ducasse’s most stunning restaurants is Le Jules Verne, which is literally located on top of the Eiffel Tower. With the scenery and Ducasse’s food combined, an experience at this place will cost you at least $200, but it’s definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Fat Rice // Chicago, Illinois, USA

Finally got the namesake food here! So happy to share it with my friends!

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Run by Adrienne Lo and Abe Conlon, Fat Rice is a must-visit in the Windy City. The restaurant serves food native to the island of Macau, which is a happy fusion between Chinese and Portuguese flavors. Their signature dish is the Fat Rice, also called Arroz Gordo, featuring sofrito, chorizo, salted duck, char siu pork, curry chicken thighs, linguiça sausage, prawns, steamed clams, tea eggs, chicken fat-fried croutons, olives, and pickled chillies. Basically, you better come to this place hungry.

Thanasis // Athens, Greece

Athens is gorgeous and full of history, which means it can be a pretty touristy place. We all know touristy cities can get a bad rap for food, but this is Greece, so obviously this doesn’t hold true. Is there even such a thing as bad Greek food? With plenty of options to choose from in the city, it’s hard to narrow down the best, but we’ve found it in Thanasis. Make sure you order their signature dish, μερίδα κεπμαπ, which is basically a meaty and delicious kabob of your dreams.

Arepa Zone // Washington, D.C., USA

At Tastemade, we’re all aboard the food truck bandwagon and if there’s one city in the country that excels in this area, it’s our Nation’s Capitol. Arepa Zone is without a doubt, one of the finest road warriors, and with one bite of their delicious arepas, you’d be crazy not to agree. The truck (well, now they have a brick-and-mortar location in Union Market) serves the Venezuelan version of this famous street snack, which involves a griddled corn cake stuffed with chicken, beef or pork.

Abou el Sid // Cairo, Egypt

At this establishment, you can find traditional Egyptian cuisine, including various tajines, like veal and pearl onion, and molokheya stew with chicken, rabbit, or meatballs. If you’re feeling daring, Abou el Sid also sells stuffed pigeon. This place seems to have it all!

Pig & Khao // New York, New York, USA

There are tons of places worth visiting in New York City. It’s basically a culinary wonderland. And we could have pointed you in the direction of Katz’s Delicatessen or Le Bernardin, but we wanted to mix things up a bit. Pig & Khao, located in the Lower East Side, serves food that is a beautiful amalgam of some of our favorite Southeast Asian flavors, including Thai and Filipino. Once you take part in some of their staples like the Sizzling Sisig, Grilled Pork Jowl, or Pork Belly Adobo, you’ll thank us.

Strut & Cluck // London, United Kingdom

#onthetable: Yesterday’s lunch @strutandcluck was seriously impressive, I’d go back and order everything all over again. 🦃🍴

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Turkey is generally is a “bleh” protein because most people don’t really know how to prepare it. Strut & Cluck, located in the Spitalfields neighborhood of London, is an exception to this rule. This place produces delicious bird influenced by Eastern Mediterranean flavors, with menu items like juicy lettuce cups with smoky harissa and hand-pulled turkey shawarma with dates and pine nuts. Turns out all turkey needs is some good ‘ol TLC.

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Harajuku Candy Shop Makes A Giant Rainbow Cotton Candy Umbrella

If you ever need to buy a giant cotton candy umbrella (because I’m sure we’ve always wanted one, right), you can get one at The Totti Candy Factory in Tokyo, Japan. This giant heap of rainbow-colored cotton candy looks adorable and probably tastes so heavenly that only Dr. Seuss could describe it.

Although it won’t actually work as a functioning umbrella against water, it might actually work as a shade, proving for some bit of functionality besides being a tasty treat. Whatever the case, the internet is already mesmerized.

🎶Candy coated raindrops 🎶 #oishi #sugoi #chokawaii

A post shared by Mindy Morris Arnholt (@mindyarnholt) on

Still on a sugar high from this #cottoncandy haha 🌈🍭

A post shared by Stephanie (@s.phanny) on

Thanks to our foodie friend, @HungryNYC, who documented the process of Totti Candy Factory making one in action.

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A Restaurant In Japan Is Offering All-You-Can-Drink Beer For Less Than $1


A restaurant in Tokyo is doing the unthinkable: All-You-Can-Drink Beer. What’s more, they’re charging patrons less than $1 to get their booze on.

According to RocketNews 24, Volks is offering multiple all-you-can-drink plans at their Tokyo-based restaurant. The casual eatery is probably best known for their affordable steak and meat dishes.

For 100-yen (88 cents USD), you will get a 10 minute window to drink as much as your heart desires. You can add an additional 10 minutes for another 100-yen. The catch is, the beer clock begins the second you order and you can’t have another drink until you finish the first.

Seems fair for the price.

Patrons can choose from a variety of domestic beers, wines, and select hard liquor cocktails. Thanks to the one at a time rule, they won’t be blasted with people looking to get hammered for hours at their establishment. That can’t be good for business, right?

Volks holds the beer special from 2pm to 7pm.

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These Limited Edition Kit Kat ‘Sushi’ Pieces Look Almost Too Pretty To Eat

Here in America, our variety of Kit Kat flavors are very, very limited (to chocolate).  But overseas… they don’t play around.

According to Tokyo Bargain Mania, The Kit Kat “Chocolatory” in Ginza, Tokyo, Japan is releasing a set of limited edition sushi Kit Kats on February 2nd.  The set includes a rendering of tuna, uni, and tamago sushi.  Now they don’t actually taste like seafood, but instead are made to look like sushi.  The tuna is a raspberry white chocolate mix, over a rice crispy puff, the sea urchin a Hokkaido melon mascarpone cheese, and the egg is a pumpkin pudding flavor.

sushi kitkat

Photo: Tokyo Bargain Mania

sushi kitkat

Photo: Tokyo Bargain Mania

sushi kitkat

Photo: Tokyo Bargain Mania

Unfortunately, these won’t be hitting stateside anytime soon (unless you got the plug).  In addition, these are limited to 500 sets for anyone who spends over 3,000 Japanese Yen at the “Chocolatory,” making it a dope confection collector’s item.

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Blue Ramen Is The Colorful Evolution Of Your Favorite Noodles

Photo by Rocket News

A little color in your food makes for good Instagram photos, but this might be taking things a little too far.

Kipposhi in Japan serves up a dish that loosely translates to Clear Chicken Soup Blue, and the broth comes out to a sky bluish tint, according to Rocket News 24. Shout out to that Baja Blast ramen look though.

The restaurant uses “special Chinese cooking techniques” to make the broth clear, but they gave absolutely no explanation as to how they make the broth blue.

Mahshable seemed to find the secret, however, saying that spirulina algae is what’s causing the blue tint, as is the case with the blue “Smurf Lattes” from Australia’s Matcha Mylkbar.

Apart from the blue broth, the rest of the ingredients seem to be standard, with ramen noodles, fresh greens, a soft-boiled egg, and your choice of chicken, or chashu pork.

Can’t wait until they start going around the color wheel, with red, yellow, orange, green, indigo, and violet. It’s coming. Trust.

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These Interlocking 3D Churros Are Dominique Ansel’s Latest Hit Pastry

From the Cronut, to the Blossoming Hot Chocolate, Dominique Ansel’s bakeries are known for their innovative treats that always cause a buzz in the food world.

His latest creation that will leave you in wonderment, is the “Churro Duo” at Dominique Ansel Bakery in Tokyo, Japan.

It’s no ordinary churro, heck it’s not even like other innovative churros we’ve seen, because these churros are geometrically interesting, as they have a 3D pyramid effect, but also interlock at the tip.

The lighter shaded churro consists of white sesame and cinnamon sugar, while the darker one has black sesame and black sugar coated overtop. They come with a side of made-to-order salted caramel sauce.

The Churro Duo debuted on November 18th, and is already a hit with fans, so much so that Ansel said he’s considering bringing them to his New York and London locations.


We’ll have to keep an eye on these beautiful churros, to see if they do expand to other locations, but until then, the Illuminati-like treats will only be found in Tokyo.