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Togo’s New Pretzelrami Packs On The Pastrami And We’re Not Mad

There’s never such a thing as too much pastrami. I tell my friends this. I tell my colleagues this. I’ll probably tell my kids this. Knowing the amount of work that goes into brining and smoking the product makes me appreciate the flavorful meat all the more. Just pile anything with pastrami and I’m there.

In my quest to try anything and everything new in the world of pastrami sandwiches, I discovered Togo’s newest addition to their menu lineup. They also recently revamped themselves with a new slogan: True to the Sandwich. To coincide with the relaunch, the sandwich chain created a new signature item in this massive Pretzelrami. It features… you guessed it… tons of pastrami.

The sandwich boasts more than a quarter pound of Togo’s pastrami and is topped with two slices of white cheddar cheese, yellow mustard, dill pickles, and served inside a toasted soft pretzel roll.

Honestly, the best kind of pastrami sandwich is one where there’s so much pastrami falling off, you can throw it on your chips or fries afterwards.

Pastrami-loving patrons can find Togo’s new Pretzelrami permanently on the menu as a signature item. Just be ready for that subsequent food coma that’s sure to follow after crushing one. I know I sure am.


Togo’s to Give Away 10,000 Free Pastrami Sandwiches


Any pastrami fans out there looking to get a free hot pastrami sandwich? In honor of the much-celebrated national Pastrami Day on Jan. 14, Togo’s is giving away 10,000 free pastrami sandwiches to customers. If there’s anything better in the world than pastrami, it’s free pastrami.

Fans are asked to visit Togo’s Facebook and “like” their page to receive a free coupon through email. The first 10,000 to sign up will receive a free #9 pastrami sandwich. All they have to do is present a coupon on said holiday and they’ll get their free sandwich, hot mustard and all. Overall, the giveaway will require more than 2,500 pounds of sliced pastrami.

Picthx Togo’s


Togo’s Promises Delivery Drones by 2024, That’s a Full Decade of Not Caring


We should all sue science fiction writers for emotional damages. For promising us food pills and video phones, flying cars and space colonies. Remember that Disney Channel space movie from the ’90s? Yeah, she wasn’t called Zenon, girl of the 24th-and-a-half century. She was Zenon, girl of the 21st century (as in, today — or at least within the next 50 years). And now sandwich chain Togo’s wants to go and promise flying sandwich delivery drones by the year 2024? Nice try, buddies. We’ll believe it when we see it.

Yesterday, the above image was posted to the Togo’s Facebook and Twitter, along with the following quote by Togo’s VP of Branding and Marketing, Renae Scott:

“Togo’s is ready to take this drone thing to the next level.”

This, of course, is after all the news we’ve seen these past couple of years about taco copters and sushi copters, which are already a reality.

Currently such technology is limited from widespread use, at least in the United States, due to Federal Aviation Administration restrictions banning unmanned commercial aerial vehicles, which are in effect until 2015.

Still, according to Scott, “Our drones will get Togo’s raving fans their favorite Pastrami Sandwich on the fly. Because when you’re craving Togo’s Hot Pastrami, you shouldn’t have to wait.” Except for, you know, the 10 years it’ll take them to implement the damn things, but who’s counting.

(Side note: if this drone isn’t called the To-Go copter, they’re doing it wrong.)

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Togo’s Challenges Patrons to Consume 2-Foot-Long Sandwich


Maybe that guy who caused a media uproar over the 11-inch sandwich at Subway should mosey on over to Togo’s. You’ve got to admit, Togo’s call to action challenging customers to devour a 2-foot-long sandwich (you get a free hat if you win, yay!) would be enough to satisfy even the most critical of eaters.

The “Pastrami Pounder Challenge” runs from January 14 – February 19, in celebration of January 14th’s National Pastrami Day. Participating guests are given 30 minutes to finish the monstrous sandwich decked out with 1 pound of Togo’s house pastrami, lettuce, tomatoes and mustard.

Coming into the next month, Togo is also inviting those participating to Instagram photos of their pastrami sandwich accompanied by the tags #Togos and #PastramiChallenge. Every week during the challenge, the company will give away prizes to the most “unique” photos, such as mini speakers, water bottles, earbuds, etc. Their Instagram “grand prize winner” will receive free Togo’s sandwiches for an entire year. I guess this justifies being that annoying person (everyone) who takes photos of their food at the table.

Nearly 150 people participated in the Pastrami Pounder challenge last year; let’s just hope no sticklers show up with measuring tape this time around.

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Togo’s Has a 2-Foot Long Pastrami Sandwich

Togo’s sure knows how to celebrate pastrami. In fact, the west coast-based eatery recently celebrated National Hot Pastrami Day this past Saturday by kicking off a promotion that’s every pastrami-lover’s dream and every Vegan’s worst nightmare. It’s called The Pounder, and rightfully so, considering that this two-foot long behemoth of a sandwich is stacked to the brim with over a pound of hot pastrami.

With great food comes great challenge–literally. Togo’s Pastrami Challenge stipulates that  you have to to finish this monster in under 30 minutes to win a free limited-edition t-shirt, as well as an immortal glory that can only preserved by something as static and permanent only the internet can provide!

Individuals who complete the challenge will also have their picture taken so that it may be proudly displayed on the company’s Facebook page, along with other pastrami sandwich victors.

Those of you who are interested had better hurry though; this promotion is only lasting through February 21. And for those of you who are interested in eating, but less interested in paying a lot of money, this sandwich will cost you roughly $23, depending on your location. Grub on, FOODBEASTS.



Togo’s Revamping Process Includes Toasted Subs and More

Long time distant cousin of bigger-name sandwich shop Togo’s has been in the sandwich game for a minute (check their new logo, since 1971 to be exact). The past year, they have seen several branding changes, but according to a new report from the OC Register, this last month marked the beginning of a new series of transformations for the California sandwich chain. Such changes include several menu additions, a toasting process long absent from the restaurants repertoire and for several locations, remodeling of the entire storefront.


TOGO'S: Lemon Pepper Tuna Wrap

100% Albacore Tuna seasoned with tangy lemon and cracked black pepper, chopped celery and red onion. Topped with sliced tomatoes and red onions, shredded lettuce, pickles and pepperoncinis all wrapped in a whole wheat, spinach or sun dried tomato flavored wrap. If you’re not down with the bourgeious-ness of a wrap, this selection also comes as a sandwich on some fresh baked bread. Eat on!


TOGO'S: $3.99 Daily Special

Starting Wednesday, January 7th, Togo’s will be offering a daily special sandwich for $3.99, which is about $1.80 cheaper than their normal pricing. With everyone of your purchases, they will be making a donation to the JDRF, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Unlike their previous Flashback promotion, this deal will feature a different sandwich everyday! So find out when they’re constructing your flavor, and head on in! It definitely seems the trend so far this year has been price-cuts, and while last years number was “5”, this year seems to be “3”. Branding is key…eat on!