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Some Fools Made Boozy Peach Tea Popsicles And #SUMMER

During one of the hottest summers in America, the Foodbeast team tries to stay cool as best as possible. So, we’ve prepared a popular frozen treat strictly for the 21 and over folks.

To get started, let’s talk about the three main ingredients you’ll need: sweet peach tea, your choice of a good bourbon, and of course, peaches (or white nectarines, whichever floats your boat). Next, soak some sliced peaches in the bourbon for a few hours so they can absorb all the alcoholic goodness. Add them to your pop maker. Then, fill the mold with sweet peach tea, top it with the holder, and set them in the freezer.

After a few more hours, the Sweet Peach Tea Bourbon Popsicles will be ready to cool your mouths down and hopefully get you a little tipsy.

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Restaurant Finds A Brilliant Way To Serve S’MORES


Every time this dude Nick, AKA the Grubfiend, hits me up, I know we’re gonna roll on some crazy food adventure. Take this trip to California-based dessert spot Snowopolis, for example. These guys actually made table side S’MORES.

We found this spot in Montebello, Calif., not too far from the freeway. Sure, Snowopolis is known for their giant portions of Hawaiian shaved ice. The thing that caught our eye, however, was definitely the s’mores.

The entire menu is customizable letting you choose what kind of graham cracker, marshmallow, chocolate and other sweet toppings you could want. There are seriously dozens of different items to choose from.


Scott Leotti, owner of Snowopolis, spoke about how he came up with the idea to do table side s’mores.

I wanted a dessert that was unique and would go well in a lounge-type atmosphere, especially at night. S’mores can be roasted all year which makes it the perfect treat. I wanted to come up with ways so the customer can invent it & we just put it together. So I did just that.

We grabbed a few choice toppings and flavors and decided to have some fun with it. We were served a tray of s’more ingredients. A heat cell to roast the marshmallows sat at the center of the tray.

Snow-S'mores-02Definitely be careful if you have kids though. Y’know, because of the open flames.

The result is this beautiful stack of s’mores.


Totally worth getting chocolate and marshmallow into all the crevices of my phone and camera.

Fast Food

Quiznos Steps Up Carb Game with Toasty Pasta Line


Sure, you could go to a fancy sit-down restaurant for a pasta fix, or, even better, attempt to make your own, but Quiznos would like to suggest a welcome middle ground. Now, with less work than it’d take to nab a reservation or figure out just what in the hay “al dente” means, you can pick up a single-serving bowl of pasta from Quiznos.

New Toasty Pastas are made with spiral macaroni and come in six different varieties, featured below:


Classic Mac & Cheese, Bacon Mac & Cheese, and Lobster Mac & Cheese

MacCheeseSharp_00014_RTMacCheeseBacon_00112_RT  MacCheeseLobsterSoft_000322

Each Mac & Cheese is made with parmesan, provolone, and fontina cheese and topped with breadcrumbs.


Chicken Pesto


All white chicken breast covered in balsamic tomatoes, a three cheese blend, and basil pesto sauce


Meatball Marinara


Made with cheese-stuffed, beef and pork-blend meatballs, topped with two layers of mozzarella and marinara sauce


Spicy Sausage Marinara (not pictured)

Spicy all-pork Italian sausage covered with mozzarella and basil marinara sauce


Considering there’s no real room to prep them on the sandwich line, we’re presuming these will be pre-made and toasted to order, but we haven’t had a chance to try them yet. Prices range from $4.99 to $6.99. Been there, done that? Let us know what you thought in the comments below!


Quizno’s January Coupons: $1-2-3 off 1-2-3

Quizno’s always stays up on their coupon game for you foodbeasts to get at. This month they have either $1-2-3 dollar off either 1, 2 or 3 subs. So get your friends together and go get your toasty on. Or if you’re really feeling ambitious you can get $10 off any catering order over $35. So in that case, put all 17 people at your office in your astrovan and cruise over so you can also get your toasty on.