MMMM: Quiznos Giving Away Free Cookies Today for National Cookie Day


Who: Quizno’s
What: Is celebrating National “Toasted” Cookie Day by giving away free oven-toasted cookies with any purchase. Flavors included are Chocolate Chunk, Cinnamon Sugar, and Oatmeal Raisin.
Where: All participating locations.
When: Today. Right this second. In fact, I’m going to grab one right now.

Picthx Quiznos


The Romance Between Bread and Butter Visualized as Art


It’s not everyday you catch yourself wanting to frame a photo of butter and perfectly toasted bread.

Butter is considered to be one of the most beloved ingredients in the kitchen, so much that photographers are now taking a stab at it. Everyone’s favorite savory stick has received a makeover in shape, color and texture in this beautiful culinary series entitled “Mixuer / Butter & Ideas,” photographed by Mathieu Levesque and perfected by food stylist Noah Witenoff. Bread and butter never looked so dynamic! This is definitely one of those moments where you can seriously say it’s almost too beautiful to eat.



PicThx Trendland


Toasted Marshmallow Milkshake

I always associate toasted marshmallows with having no other purpose other then being the main ingredient for s’mores. Thankfully, Tracy is training our brains to think outside the box and teach us that marshmallows can be used for more than just for making s’mores…Like for instance her Toasted Marshmallow Milkshake!

This milkshake incorporates toasted marshmallows, vanilla ice cream, vanilla extract and milk to reach its smooth and thick consistency. As for the toppings, skewer a handfull of marshmallows and toast them on your stove as an extra treat on top of that shake! (Recipe @ JoyTheBaker)



Jack in the Box: New Pastrami Grilled Sandwich

Jack in the Box is always one to keep every other fast food chain on their toes. This is definitely a game changer with the release of their new Pastrami Grilled Sandwich. Pastrami, mustard, pickles, cheese all on toasted sourdough, can’t go wrong with that. Get out there and get your ‘strami on.


Craving: West Coast Sandwich


Saw this on our friend’s blog Epic Portions and I couldn’t resist posting about it. What we’re looking at is a toasted sub chock full of buffalo chicken, red hot potato sticks and ranch. For some reason, this combination sounds absolutely extraordinary to me! Eat on!


Pic of the Day: Heart Attack Sandwich

Chicken fried steak, chicken-fried bacon, a country sausage, a fried egg, a fried green tomato topped with cheddar cheese and sandwiched between buns toasted in bacon fat, all served with a gravy dipping sauce. (Thx Thisiswhyyourefat)

Adventures News

Corner Bakery: Santa Ana

So on Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be quite nice to go enjoy dinner with my mother. We both didn’t want to do anything fancy, so after driving around for a bit, we finally decided on definiently one of my favorite places; Corner Bakery. Kind of funny considering that’s our last name too. Chicken Cavatappi and salad for the win! Pics after the jump: