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Our Eating Habits May Never Be The Same After The Pandemic

As self-quarantining has led many of us to do awful things to keep busy, I found myself watching TMZ the other night.

It wasn’t all bad though, as chef Giada DeLaurentiis was interviewed and gave some interesting food-based insight on the current global pandemic.

“I think our whole life is going to change. Instead of complicating food, we’re going to stick to the basics,” Giada told TMZ. “I think you’re going to start to realize that certain ingredients can be used in many many different ways.”

Which is interesting, because with the way aggressive shoppers have made certain foods scarce, those who are trying to cook at home, probably have to get creative and work with what they have available.

With groceries going like crazy, it’s a little hard to dig into a cookbook right now and try to use all of Gordon Ramsay’s 17 ingredients to cook a beef wellington.

With that in mind, DeLaurentiis has even simplified her own recipes for the public. Fully knowing that ingredients are a luxury at the moment, she said on Instagram Tuesday:

“Adapted a lot of my recipes on @thegiadzy to use pantry ingredients & omit ingredients that are hard to find in grocery stores right now. I hope it’s helpful for everyone staying in & cooking at home.”

We’ve already seen this unfold, as people have been using what they have or what they can snag at the store, leading to things such as makeshift French onion soup ramen, low effort banana bread, and microwave risotto.

While off-the-cuff recipes are being done out of necessity of the moment, it’s fair to predict that home cooking could be the new norm, as the way we eat out will be changed.

The combination of both restaurant closures and budgeted spending from consumers after extended work stoppages could very well mean that eating out will become a luxury.

Jonathan Maze, Editor-in-Chief at Restaurant Business Magazine pointed out some of the post-quarantine struggles saying:

“Once this things clears up, we’re probably going to be in an economic recession, and it’s going to be a while before the economy recovers from that. Then you get into a situation where people are really cutting back.”

Record-setting claims for unemployment have been filing in, as business closures have forced a lot of layoffs.

In the restaurant industry alone, the current business shutdown regulations could affect an estimated 5 to 7 million employees over a three month span, according to the National Restaurant Association.

And even as restaurants try to rebuild in the aftermath, Maze added that they will now have to worry about rehiring its employees, assuming they haven’t found a job somewhere else. On top of that, bringing customers back and letting them know they are open again will be a process that could add another couple months as they try to get back in the flow of things.

We can only hope our favorite restaurants can get through this, and as much as we might want to keep patronizing them, our own personal financial situations will ultimately dictate that. So there’s a chance you’ll want to get used to cooking at home, and getting creative, as that could be the new norm.

Hit-Or-Miss News

Photo Of FYRE Festival’s Pathetic Dinner Was Actually Not Accurate

It’s been well documented that FYRE Festival was a shit show where rich kids were stranded on a remote island and not given the luxurious show they were promised.

One of the major talking points of the disappointing festival was an underwhelming photo of one of the festival’s supposed meals. The photo featured a takeout box with a couple slices of toast, a couple of cheese slices on top, and a side salad. Not exactly fine dining.

Turns out that wasn’t really the food they served guests there, according to TMZ. It was something they fed staff members, apparently, which still sucks. The concert-goers, however, actually had access to chicken, pasta, burgers, fries, and salad.

That meal doesn’t scream luxury either, but at least it wasn’t the sad cheese sandwich we all thought was served.

For breakfast, FYRE guests had access to donuts, waffles, and coffee.

It’s still not an impressive food lineup, but it wasn’t quite as bad as we were led to believe.

Fast Food Hit-Or-Miss Now Trending

Savage Jimmy John’s Cashier Calls Gun-Wielding Robber A ‘Bi*ch’

Last Wednesday, surveillance footage surfaced of a Jimmy John’s cashier, Tuker Murray, being robbed at gunpoint and not even being phased by the harrowing ordeal.

After the incident, TMZ interviewed the bad-ass cashier, where Tuker Murray said that the robber… “tried to rob me like a bitch.”

With a smirk on his face the whole time, Murray detailed the events, basically roasting the robber for not only ordering a “Slim” sandwich, but for wielding a jammed gun, and not being at all intimidating.

“I wasn’t really that worried about it, to be honest,” Murray told TMZ. “He wasn’t that intimidating I guess. I was actually surprised when the detective told me that he had done, like, 12 other robberies… ’cause it was amateur hour.”

According to 41 Action News, the suspect chose to rob the Jimmy John’s because the lighting looked dimmer. Little did he know that the they had an HD as f*ck camera that caught him clearly on tape.

When looking back at the footage, Murray looked fearless, and after these interviews, we now know that he is as savage as he appeared to be.

This dude was either born a legend, or working fast food just took his soul to the point where death is an afterthought. Either way, he has an epic story to tell for the rest of his life.


Subway’s Ex-Spokesguy Jared Fogle Got Beat Up In Prison By A 60-Year-Old Dude


Karma was bound to catch up to ex-Subway spokesperson and kid toucher Jared Fogle. First he gained weight in prison, now TMZ is reporting that Mr. Fogleweewee just got a surprise beatdown at his federal prison from a 60-year-old inmate who doesn’t much like child molesters.

Based on docs that TMZ obtained, Fogle got jumped back in January 29 at the rec yard at Englewood prison in Colorado. Inmate Steven Nigg pushed Fogle down and went beast mode, leaving him with a bloody nose, swollen face and scratches on his neck.

According to Nigg’s family, he’s not stoked that child sex predators like Jared Fogle get housed in the low security facility. Nigg is apparently in solitary as a punishment for his actions.

Violence is rarely the answer, but a new hashtag has emerged that is unfortunately more fitting than it should be: #BeatFresh.


Jared Fogle’s Lawyer Wants Us To Know His Client Is Not Getting Fat In Jail


Sometimes I hate my job, and it mainly occurs when I have to write about Jared Fogle and the aftermath of the ex-Subway spokesperson’s child pornography and pedophilia charges. Earlier this week we reported on Fogle’s 15-year prison sentence starting off with an alleged 30-pound weight gain.

According to several sources, Fogle was downing Frosted Flakes, Cake and Honey buns by the boxes — but according to Jared’s lawyer and a recent update on TMZ, apparently that’s all a lie.

“Fogle’s attorney, Ronald Elberger, tells us it’s all a lie … his client hasn’t gained a pound in prison … to the contrary he exercises regularly on the prison track” TMZ

I’m glad to see Jared Fogle’s legal and PR team’s so active even when the dude is behind bars. But now I don’t know WHAT to believe. Is he fat? Is he safe in jail? Is he working out super hard? Do I care? Do you care? Jared, if you’re reading this in your prison’s Internet cafe, let us know how it’s going!


Celebrity Grub

CAUGHT: Donut Licker Ariana Grande Says She Hates America


Celebrities can be downright weird sometimes.

Superstar Ariana Grande was caught licking donuts at a Wolfee Donuts in California, reports the Huffington Post. TMZ obtained footage from the donut shop, which documented the entire event. With her boyfriend, Ricky Alvarez, the two were caught tongue-slapping the breakfast pastries. Then each other.

The store employee removed the tainted donuts and replaced them with a fresh batch. When Grande saw this, she responded with expletives followed by:

“I hate Americans. I hate America.”

A random end to a random situation that’s since gotten Grande into some trouble with both fans and red-blooded American. HuffPo reached out to Grande’s peeps for a comment, but have yet to receive an immediate reply.


Watta Water Keeps It Classy With Ads of Water Bottles Shoved Up Women’s Hoo-Has

Would you buy a water bottle if you knew it had been “coolly” sitting on top of a woman’s vagina?

On second thought, don’t answer that, but whatever you were thinking just might be the reasoning behind Avance WWP’s newest ads for Guatemala’s Agua Watta bottled water company. Meant to promote their “Agua Pura” product, the ads feature paparazzi/TMZ-esque crotch shots of several women getting out of cars, their faces and private areas obscured by text that reads “Cool Water” and the “Watta Agua Pura” bottle itself, respectively.

I mean what.

For the past few days, the internet has been all a-twitter about the arguably offensive ads, with one particularly upset commenter calling them “obscene” and “pornographic”—which is, at least on some level, true. The ads are definitely trashy, they’re potentially degrading and they don’t really seem to make much logical sense, which begs the question, why go with this ad direction at all?

One commenter on Buzzfeed has a possible answer:

“The ad shows a sort of celebrity getting off a car with no style at all, legs spread with no regard she could show the paparazzi the panties or if she wears none,” postulates user SarahDane. “The water covers it all, label says ‘agua pura pero con estilo’ (‘pure water yet with style’) – in the twisted mind of who created this, the purpose was to show some woman (= $$ profit, especially barely dressed) no class, and cover the no-style thing with theyr [sic] ‘stylish’ water…”

Thus far, the debate on the Watta facebook seems to be going the way of Chick-fil-A, with hordes calling foul at the proposed political incorrectness, and many others either supporting them for pissing people off or wishing everyone else would just shut up about it already.

To the last group, I just want to say: sorry, but something this funny is just begging to be shared.

[Via Huffington Post]

What do you guys think about Watta’s paparazzi ads? Hilariously tongue-in-cheek or demeaning and pornographic?