Celebrity Grub Drinks Hit-Or-Miss

Stars Of Hit Show ‘Silicon Valley’ Have Hilarious Foodie Conversation [WATCH]

For whatever reason, Smirnoff got two of the most popular actor / comedians to mix up Moscow Mules in Los Angeles.

TJ Miller and Thomas Middleditch, have very little experience in the bartending scene, but they did their best and put together some good Mules.

Of the two, Miller actually worked at a bar when he was younger. His career in the bar industry didn’t last long though, as he said he was fired after he and his Spanish-speaking co-workers nicknamed the general manager “Quince.” If you speak Spanish, you’re probably wondering why they called the man “Fifteen.”


“He (allegedly) liked 15-year-old boys, I think was the reason for that,” Miller said. “Welcome to the internet. Glad we got that in there.”

Thankfully, making drinks wasn’t in the books for either of them, and the whole comedy thing ended up working out a lot better. Now they’ve got fans left and right, leaving them with hard decisions when it comes to accepting drinks at bars.

The two shared their protocols on taking drinks from fans, and if you seem friendly enough Middleditch said he’ll have a drink with you.

“Depends entirely on what I’m doing, or how aggessive they are,” Middleditch explained. “If they seem like people that scare me, I tend to slither away, but if they seem like nice folks, I may do a shooter with them.”

Miller, however, won’t take you up on that drink because it never ends well.

“You never, like, take the shot, then have the greatest conversation of your life,” Miller said. “Plus, if you took all the shots they gave you, you’d die.”

Now you know. So if you see one of the comedians at a bar, Middleditch might take you up on a shot, but Miller could very well tell you to f*ck off.

Check out a segment of the interview below, as we played a litte word association where the duo gave their takes on burritos, In-N-Out, and even chicken nuggets. Middleditch even serenaded us with his old school viral McNugget song.

Hit-Or-Miss Humor Video

TJ Miller And The Shock Top Wedge Blast Super Bowl Commercials [WATCH]

TJ Miller, the cutthroat comic relief star of Silicon Valley, made an appearance during one of the Super Bowl commercials in which he and the Shock Top wedge (with the sunglasses and mohawk) mercilessly mocked each other.

Today, the duo has released a video of themselves watching all the biggest super bowl ads (including their own) and judging them with the brutality and veracity of the Harvard Admissions Board.

What makes the video particularly hysterical is the semi-improvisation. Aside from a few of the more obvious remarks, many of the comments made by the orange-and-comedian duo were not prepared or rehearsed ahead of time, unlike their original 30-second ad. That dash of unpredictability is what makes this video particularly funny.

Check it out below and see if you agree with their assessments of the Super Bowl commercials.

Seriously though, I’d rather live in a giant fart bubble made by walruses than watch that puppymonkeybaby commercial ever again. For shame, Mountain Dew; for shame.


Photo Credit: Youtube, Super Bowl Commercials 2016