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Tito’s Vodka Is Asking People To NOT Use The Drink To Make Hand Sanitizer

The recent coronavirus outbreak has led to a massive influx of hand sanitizer purchases, often to the point where stores run out of stock. Of course, this leads to some people creating their own solutions, not all of which are the safest or smartest choices.

Tito’s Vodka has had to respond to a number of people tagging it on Twitter, talking about using the spirit to make their own hand sanitizer. This is based in part that it is possible to create your own hand sanitizer using rubbing alcohol and aloe vera.

However, rubbing alcohol is at least 60% alcohol (that’s 120-proof for those in the spirit world), and Tito’s falls below that mark. As a result, they’ve been asking people to not use the vodka for sanitation purposes via tweet:

Washing your hands under warm water and soap for 20-25 seconds will always be the optimal sanitation method. If you don’t have access to water, however, and need to make your own sanitizer, just don’t be using Tito’s (or other lower-proof alcohol) in the process.

190-proof Everclear, on the other hand…