Global Tipping Calculator Helps You Not Be a Douchebag Around the World


It’s hard enough keeping track of tipping etiquette in the U.S. (is 20% still good, or is it 25% now? if service was absolutely horrible, is it too mean to leave 0%?). We can only imagine how complicated it gets overseas. is a nifty tip calculator that lists the customary tip in over 50 different countries (and, for Doctor Who fans, one entire planet). The free app also lets you plug in specific bill amounts and offers split totals should you decide to divvy the payment among friends.

The idea was inspired by twitter user @jessicahische, who requested someone build a site like weather forecaster “Do I Need An Umbrella?”, but for international tips. The result is cute and significantly more convenient than asking the locals (and less social — just the way we like it).


Starbucks App Update to Include Digital Tipping

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 2.10.47 PM.jpg

If you use Starbucks’ smartphone app on the daily get ready for an update on Wednesday, March 19.

The update will offer customers various new options such as the “Shake to Pay” that will bring up your payment barcode no matter what you’re doing in the app as well as the ability to see all your account information from the home screen. Starbucks is boasting digital tipping as the most important feature in the update.

After using the app to pay customers will be given the option to tip their barista through the app up to two hours after their purchase. For now, customers can only tip .50, $1, or $2. The biggest complaint customers have about the update is the inability to write in their own tip amount.

Using a gift card to tip was an idea brought up by several Starbucks customers nearly six years ago. Until the release of the updated app the chain only accepted cash tips, which left credit and debit card users in an awkward situation when they were short on cash. Even with the new update customers still won’t be able to use a physical gift card to tip, only app users will be able to pull from their Starbucks Card for gratuity.

For now the new update will only be available for iPhone users, Android users will receive the update later this year.

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NYC Restaurant Eliminates Tips, Offers Servers Benefits Instead


A New York city sushi restaurant is shaking things up by refusing to accept tips. Don’t worry though, it’s not a scheme to deprive servers of their hard-earned cash — Sushi Yasuda makes up for the lack of tips by providing its employees with a salary and a benefits package containing vacation days, sick leave, and health insurance. That’s a pretty sweet deal, especially in an industry where many servers work for as little as $2.13 an hour because of the belief that they make enough in tips to bridge the gap between pocket change and minimum wage. And Sushi Yasuda even includes a classy little disclaimer on their receipt so that customers don’t get confused by the unconventional system:


All in all, we’re impressed by Sushi Yasuda’s dedication to making a difference in the service industry. We’re not sure if their way of doing things will catch on in the rest of the good old U S of A, but we’d definitely be down to see more servers with vacation leave and sick pay. Keep on doing what you’re doing, Sushi Yasuda.

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