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This Dude Shocks Pizza Delivery Drivers With $10,000 In Tips

The life of a pizza delivery person is far from fun and games. Day after day, these drivers have to scramble to get those pizza pies straight from the oven and right to your doorstep — all within a small window of time.

Any longer and they risk the chance of losing out on a decent tip or something stranger happening.

In a recent video by MrBeast, made in a partnership with trading card and sticker app Quidd, the YouTube personality gives unsuspecting pizza delivery guys and girls massively generous tips from a stack of $10,000. To their surprise, each driver would get hundreds of dollars in tips.

Imagine a long, exhausting day of pizza deliveries ending with hundreds of dollars in tips. It’s gotta feel nice. At this point, it’s pretty understandable nearly everyone is shocked by the generosity.

Check out how each pizza delivery went:

Man, it’s pretty cool seeing pizza delivery workers get some love. Hopefully this video inspires slightly higher tips for drivers in the pizza industry. Strangely enough, we’re craving pizza now. Excuse us while we order a slice.

Celebrity Grub

Kendall Jenner Claps Back At NYC Bartender That Claims She Didn’t Tip

Update: Kendall obviously didn’t appreciate her good name being dragged around, so Monday afternoon, she addressed the tipping issue, saying that she tipped in cash. Kendall tweeted out, “Damn, I guess next time we won’t tip in cash,” but it’d be surprising if she returned at all after the way she was called out by the club. The bartender who first tweeted about the incident, Michael Burns, has since taken the accusatory tweet down.

Kendall Jenner is now 21-years-old and can finally buy herself alcoholic beverages, but the young millionaire allegedly committed a serious bar foul and was called out for it by the establishment.

The young Jenner sister was accused of not tipping the bartender at Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn, and the night club came with receipts, posting a photo to their Instagram account showing the lack of tip on Kendall’s $24 bill and captioning it, “Don’t forget to tip your bartender,” with a smiley face at the end for good measure.

The reason Jenner was in the building in the first place was for rapper A$AP Twelvyy’s listening party, along with Jenner’s friend A$AP Rocky, slated to perform that night.

The club took the image of Jenner’s receipt down, but not before everyone caught a glimpse and dragged Jenner through the mud:



This brings up the age old argument of when to tip, how much to tip, and if the tipping system is broken altogether.

No one’s ever technically required to tip their bartenders, but it’s a bit of a douchey move not to. The peeps behind the bar are trying their best to put together your crazy drink requests, at a reasonably quick rate, with a line full of people bombarding them. Bartenders do provide a bit of an extra service that you can’t just go to the grocery store for.

Either way, of all situations where tipping comes up, it’s in bad form not to tip your bartenders.

Kendall Jenner has been accused of a less-than-savory experience with wait staff before, as she was accused of trying to dine and dash, being chased down, then throwing a couple $20 bills at the server’s face in 2014.

Her and the staff should just settle this all with an ice cold Pepsi, and call for a truce.

Feel Good News

Waitress Received A $10,000 Tip That Covered Her Student Loans

Giving a 20 or 30 percent tip is already pretty generous, but paying off the server’s student loans is on a whole new level.

Cayla Chandara, a waitress at Noi Thai Cuisine in Waikiki, must have given some exceptional service, because a couple not only gave her a $400 tip, but when she tracked them down to thank them, the couple gave her $10,000 to cover her student loans and debt.

Chandara, 22, said that while talking with the Australian couple at the restaurant, she told them she was initially in Hawaii for school, but had to take time off to work two jobs and get by. The couple had a $200 dinner, and doubled that number for a $400 tip, according to Civil Beat.

During their conversation that night, the couple mentioned where they were staying, so Chandara tracked them down, gave them a thank you note with some flowers and chocolates. Being impressed by the young girl again, the couple went back to the restaurant that night to offer her $10,000 to cover any debt she had, allowing her to go back to school without monetary stress.

Definitely a heartwarming, life-changing story. While the couple asked to remain anonymous, at least one person will be forever grateful for their generosity.

Hit-Or-Miss Restaurants

This Couple Posted A ‘Tipping Trick’ That’s Pissing Off The Internet


A pretty scummy Internet post is going viral, showing one of the cruelest ways to get “the best service of your life” at a restaurant.

Munchies reports that the image is going super viral and making its way to many publications and Reddit threads.

To sum up the block of text above, you go to a restaurant and lay out five singles on your table. You then meticulously pay attention to your waiter’s service throughout the meal, knocking off a dollar every time a mistake is made. The post summates that your server will be so afraid to lose any part of that already-low tip that they’ll produce uncanny service just to make the full five dollars.

The Facebook screenshot garnered some pretty major Internet backlash, with folks easily siding with waiters and waitresses.

Making a mockery of the people serving you aside, is this really how you’d want to try another human being just doing their job? It’s shenanigans like this that makes us feel uneasy about the state of the world.


Drunk Dude Tips $1,000, Shamefully Asks For It Back The Next Morning

As a former server, I can tell you that I used to thrive off of drunk guests. I would do everything in my power to make sure that they had a fantastic time, all the while ignoring the people I “knew” wouldn’t tip me well, like high school couples, Middle Eastern people and postal workers. The postal workers may not be a common thing, maybe I’ve just had a randomly bad history with them.

One particularly hammered man enjoyed his time at a restaurant called Thailicious in Denver so much that he ended up leaving a $1,088 tip for his server. The server was shocked at the generosity, but had the foresight to assume that this may have been a mistake. He immediately went to his superiors, husband and wife co-owners Surachai Surabotsopon and Bee Anantatho, and explained the situation to them.

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 1.01.05 PM

Husband and wife owners Surachai Surabotsopon and Bee Anantatho.

Thankfully, they had the forethought to hold onto the money for a short time, in case Drunky McTipstoomuch came crawling back, begging for his money, which is precisely what he did.

As soon as the restaurant opened the next morning, the customer was there waiting and apologizing profusely for the mistake. Anantatho felt bad for the man, so she very graciously returned the money when she certainly didn’t have to. She suspects that he thought he was leaving $1 bills instead of $100. The grateful customer then left a $40 tip for the server, which obviously isn’t a $1,000 tip, but most servers know better than to complain about a $40 tip.

I’m sure Anantatho, Surabotsopon and the rest of the staff will be seeing him again soon, since generosity and understanding like that from a restaurant deserves a lifetime of patronage from that very lucky man.



Photo Credit: The Denver Post, Moving Gal


Struggling Waiter Helps Broke College Student, Gets a Huge Surprise at Work


A Utah waiter is crediting karma for a serendipitously generous tip that followed only a few days after his earlier act of kindness.

Deric Wortham shared his story in a March 6 post on his Facebook account that has since gone viral. The post includes a photo of a receipt from a table he served at Cliffside Restaurant, the establishment he works at, that totals $100 — a $49.92 bill along with a $50.08 tip.


Wortham wrote in his post:

“A couple of days ago I was standing in line at the bank. A young girl (college age) was behind me with a Mason jar 1/3 filled with coins. I commented to her that she was supposed to wait until it was completely filled before cashing it in. She said that she didn’t have any money in her account and that she had to cash it in now (it probably totaled $5.00).

“I remembered being a poor college student myself 30 years ago at BYU. So, when I got to the teller, I told her to withdraw $50 from my account and when the girl came up for her transaction, to see to it that my $50 was deposited into her account with her coins.

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“The teller asked me, ‘Why? Do you know her?’. I replied that I did not but that it seemed to me she needed the money more than I did and I was just ‘Paying It Forward’. The teller told me that was one of the nicest things she had ever seen. I left feeling good. And, I secretly asked my Heavenly Father to bless both the young lady and myself because I have bills too.  

“Tonight, at the end of my work week, my last customer was the answer to my silent prayer. Their dinner check was only $49 but they tipped me $50…the same amount that I had given to the young lady earlier this week! They tipped me not the usual 18% – 20% but a full 100%! Someone ‘paid it forward’ back to me! Karma! I felt blessed! Remember, ‘Paying it forward’ will eventually come back to you! Everyone have an awesome week ahead!”

Wortham’s original Facebook post has been shared over 3,000 times, but a repost by Love What Matters has been shared over 54,000 times and been given over 257,000 likes.

Written by Editorial Staff, NextShark


Pizza Delivery Man Breaks Down After Getting A Life-Changing Tip [WATCH]


A video that’s been making the rounds this past week involves a pizza delivery man and a life-saving miracle.

When 22-year-old Jeff Louis came in early to work for a delivery, he didn’t think anything of it. The Gionino’s pizza shop employee from Ohio was asked to deliver a carful of pies to the local Life Point Church.

Upon his arrival, he was instructed to take one of the pizzas and bring it up to the pastor in the middle of his sermon. That’s when Louis was handed his tip by the entire congregation.

That tip came out to be more than $700.

Louis posted a video recounting the events and expresses his gratitude at such a gesture. That video quickly went viral.

Apparently, the pastor had set out to leave Louis with a $100 tip. However, after this congregation followed suit, the tally ended up being over seven times as much.

Louis speaks about struggling with addiction and trying to get his life clean. He says that the generous act of kindness went a long way in changing his life.

Hoping this guy the best this holiday.


A Simple Kitchen Trick Will Change The Way You Peel Potatoes


Peeling potatoes sucks. It seriously sucks. Unfortunately, the starchy veg is the base of tons of recipes and has many other uses outside cooking. Luckily, our buddy Davy from Make Sushi figured out a way to peel potatoes that no only saves you a headache, it’ll give your potatoes much more flavor.

Start by slicing around the potato skin in a circular motion with a sharp knife. Then, throw the potatoes into some boiling water and let them cook. After your potatoes are removed, you just simply have to pinch the potato skin and it comes off almost instantly.

No mess, no stress and more flavor. The best part is you now have potatoes to work on all kinds of awesome recipes. Check out the video below.

The Best Way To Peel Potatoes

Our guy Make Sushi jumping in real quick and showing us his trick for peeling potatoes (this way is also dope for getting more flavor in there during the boil!).#foodbeast:

Posted by Foodbeast on Monday, November 9, 2015