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Watch This Chef Create The Tiniest Pizza In The World

We’ve seen popular YouTuber and culinary giant Miniature Space tackle some mouthwatering foods before. From the world’s tiniest steak to the smallest omelette, no dish is too small for him to attempt.

Ever wonder what it would be like if he tackled an entire pizza…only bite size?

In his latest video, the Internet personality creates an entire pie large enough to fit on your big toe. Not that it’s advised to put pizza on your feet, but hey, you do your thing.

He professionally rolls out the dough, sauces it, dices some onions and peppers, and smothers it in mozzarella cheese before throwing the assembled pizza into the tiny oven.

Sure his toppings may not be our first choice, but we applaud his ability to captivate audiences with his therapeutic cooking techniques. It also helps that every dish that comes from his fingertips looks adorable.


Giant Chef Carefully Creates Tiny Sandwiches In This Super Cute Video

You may know YouTuber Miniature Space as the dude that makes tiny dishes uses even tinier cooking utensils. The creator’s theme of cooking tiny foods in a tiny environment has gotten him more than half a million subscribers.

One of his latest videos features him making a variety of tiny finger sandwiches. Y’know, the ones best enjoyed with a nice hot up of tea.

Check out the whimsical video below and watch as he prepares the bread, fillings and cuts. He even brews the beverages to enjoy the sandwiches with.

All in a miniature space.


Man Creates Tiny Dumplings The Size Of A Fingertip And They Look Delicious

Tiny Dumplings Vid

We’ve said it before, watching a grown man cook tiny meals can be super relaxing. Japanese YouTube star Miniature Space is known for creating intricate meals that fit on the tip of a finger. This time, he made a minuscule meal of dumplings.

This guy cuts the cabbage, mixes the fillings and even folds the dumplings by hand before throwing them into a frying pan. He even tops it off with a few droplets of beer. Who knew such a tiny meal could look so appetizing.

Check out the adorably delicious video below.


These Teeny Tiny Food Sculptures Are Impeccably Detailed


What is this, food for ants?!

Unfortunately, it isn’t, but these tiny sculptures are pretty darn realistic. The  miniature food sculptures are made with clay and only a needle, chalk, a rock, and a razor blade to sculpt them into mini masterpieces, taking up to three hours to complete.


Breakfast the size of a penny, pizza the size of a thumbnail, and a full Thanksgiving dinner that could fit in the palm of your hand are only some of the masterpieces this artist creates. Going only by her first name, Kim, she’s displays all of her miniature cheese boards, meals, and sweets on her DeviantArt page and personal website. For anyone with a dollhouse that needs some tasty meals, you can also purchase her creations on Etsy.










All we can say is, all these tiny meals are giving us a pretty huge appetite. Time for lunch anyone?


The Bagel Bites of Gourmet: Tiny Lasagna Cupcakes Ready in Just 35 Minutes

The cupcake sheet just reached it’s zenith with lasagna cupcakes. I’m talking baked cheese and sausage stuffed  in three layers of pasta to make bite-sized lasagna that cooks in just 20 minutes (35 minutes total with prep). This is great for party snacks and appetizers, but most of all it’s perfect for those nights where you can’t decide between lasagna and another main dish. Solved. Make these petite lasagna cupcakes and bring on the main course. These are bagel bites made gourmet, and expect guests to devour these delicious treats, then subsequently realize the horror when they eat more than their belt loops are prepared for.

Get the recipe at Quick Dish

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A Drop of Coffee for Breakfast, Literally

When Italian jewelry makers have too much time on their hands, they don’t make paper footballs or post deep philosophies on Facebook, they make 2 cm-tall coffee pots.

According to The Sun, Italian goldsmith Pietro Marmo, 54, created a fully functioning coffee maker/pot out of sterling silver that measures in at less than an inch tall. This little silver lucky charm can serve no more than a drop of coffee, which would be perfect for someone who doesn’t want coffee, but still wants to waste time in the morning making it.

The coffee pot comes with a heater, the pot itself, two filters and a gasket.

It’s kind of neat, especially when put next to a coffee bean like the picture above, and makes for a nice pendant when not making breakfast.

Marmo has designed jewelry, pendants and key rings for over 30 years and seems to have a thing for coffee themed designs.

I don’t see this catching on in the coffee business. Even a Smurf would throw this back at a barista’s face and ask for a venti.

Hopefully he’s working on a miniature silver scone and a mini Adele album, in hopes of a call from the Hasbro company about a Starbucks Monopoly game.