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We Have The Verdict On Tiny Toast, General Mills’ Newest Cereal In 15 Years

For the first time in 15 years, General Mills has released a brand new line of cereal. You might know General Mills as the company that induced most of your childhood sugar rushes with ‘90s favorites like Lucky Charms and Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Despite declining cereal sales (don’t be too scared for General Mills, they have brands like Betty Crocker and Yoplait under their belt, too), the massive food manufacturer did not hesitate to invest in this new cereal brand, called Tiny Toast.

Tiny Toast FI

As of now, Tiny Toast comes in two flavors: blueberry and strawberry.

The idea behind Tiny Toast was to cut down on the processed aspects of the cereal and provide a healthier, more natural breakfast option with real fruit ingredients. This angle is clearly aimed at the health-conscious consumers that tend to dominate the market nowadays, especially of the millennial variety.

So is Tiny Toast all that it’s cracked up to be: a healthy breakfast cereal that still gives you the nostalgia of eating colorful little marshmallows for before school?

Yes and no.

First of all, tracking down Tiny Toast was a bear. I even called General Mills to ask for assistance in locating a store that stocked the new cereal near me, and they were as stumped as I was.

Eventually, I found a store almost an hour away that stocked this shiny new product. The shelves, I will add, were still quite full. This made me wonder how many people actually knew General Mills had released a new product at all.

I tried the blueberry variety (I’m much more of a blueberry person than a strawberry person), and sat down this morning to enjoy my first bowl of General Mills in about seven years.

Blueberry Tiny Toast

“…it felt like a good middle ground between a hugely sugary cereal and real fruit.”

What I discovered? Tiny Toast is pretty darn delicious! It had a sweet flavor to it without it being overwhelmingly saccharine, and there were actual chunks of blueberries in each crunchy bite. Even better, it didn’t leave that thick sugary feeling in your mouth after the fact (Fruit Loops, in particular, used to give me that lingering waxy feeling and I hated it).

Did it taste like I was eating a bowl of fresh blueberries? Absolutely not. Health nuts will not be giving up their kale smoothie in the morning for Tiny Toast. But it felt like a good middle ground between a hugely sugary cereal and real fruit.

I will say that, upon reading the nutrition label, the sugar in Tiny Toast isn’t too different from other “less healthy” cereals made by General Mills. One serving contains nine grams of sugar, which is the same amount as Cinnamon Toast Crunch and only one gram less than Lucky Charms. Not quite as healthy as I was anticipating.


Only an hour or so later, this truth reared its ugly head as I found my stomach growling for food. Clearly, my Tiny Toast was not holding me over as I hoped it would.

All in all, Tiny Toast is a delicious cereal that’s downright adorable (I loved those cute little pieces of toast), and it does have the health-conscious merit of real fruit that sets it apart from other sugary cereals. Although it’s not the healthiest or most filling thing you could be eating to start off your day, this newest brand from General Mills is definitely worth a try.